Influences « Kristen Kieffer

By: Kieffer Ceramics  09-12-2011

From top right: Laced-edge glass vase c. 1920; Vintage trumpet milk glass vase; Antique brass vase; and “Eva” solitaire glass vase. Second row: Etched vintage glass vase; Vintage ruby and gold glass vase; Vintage 1950s Hull vase; and antique Louis Majorelle glass and iron vase. Third row: Anika Engelbrecht ceramic and balloon Swell vases and Petite Friture Ikebana vases. Last row are all KleinReid: Cyril vase, Chateau bud vase, Upright vases by Eva Zeisel for KleinReid, and Peep vase.

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Happenings « Kristen Kieffer

I’m already painting fields of stripes, and my envy over the ease of mixing paint colors has revved my desire to revamp my glaze palette. Since we bought our home here in the boonies of MA, when the weather allows, I am outside in my. I’m curious to see how my pottery informs my painting and vice versa. It should remind me to play more during my “work time”.


NEW « Kristen Kieffer

I included some of my finished pieces with the stripes of Red, Lime, Light blue and Tangerine in the background to show how those warm bits of color will continue, and play with the new colors. There are many more important considerations in choosing color, but their rank is indecipherable to me after those first two key criterions.