By: Kids Good Manners  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dvd

"The Kids are interested and entertained   

while  learning  proper behavior in many situations.

What a great tool ." 

- Elementary school teacher Janice Barr.

"A DVD that teaches good behavior  
and has been very successful in my home.

I s there a parent who wouldn't buy one?"

- Mother Sarah Meyer.

"My grandson genuinely loves the DVD  
and learns good manners in an enjoyable way!" 

- Grandmother Betty Summerville.

"All I have to do now is refer to

The Kids Good Manners DVD  
and the children remember proper manners."

- Daycare provider Jenny Warner

"From an educator's perspective,  
I say thank you. We assume that all children have been instructed by their parents on proper manners. Well  this is not always the case. This DVD is a great asset in the classroom as well as a tool for conversation that parents can use too."

- Principal Beth Behnke of St John Catholic School.

Keywords: Dvd