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By: Kevron  09-12-2011
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Our pulsed fiber laser source features 100,000 hours MTBF , versus 10,000 hours max MTBF on Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 (Vanadate) laser sources.

Our laser marker, including the laser source itself, operates in an extended temperature range between 0°C and 45°C (32°F + 113°F). Humidity tolerance is 0% to 90%.

Kevron laser markers are effective on many materials, including:

  • all metals
  • most plastics
  • rubber
  • printed circuit boards
  • silicon

Kevron laser markers are driven by proprietary in-house software written and constantly improved to be state of the art. Our standard software has one of the most flexible user interfaces available on any laser marking system, from which you can choose either of two forms:

Drag and drop graphical user interface (GUI)

  • High turn / low volume applications
  • Simple manual user interface
  • Fully sortable marking file structure
  • WYSIWYG Marking Pallette

Industrial GUI

  • High volume variable data applications
  • Fully sortable and customizable marking file structure
  • File cloning for similar marking files
  • Exact coordinate object placing
  • Remote access/control from external databases and controllers
  • Ultra high speed USB2 data transfer
  • Administrator, Engineering, & User security levels
  • Customizable by software staff

The following types of mark are supported by our software:

  • Alphanumeric characters, all fonts and sizes
  • Elliptical alphanumeric (ID & OD orientation)
  • 2-dimensional bar codes
  • Linear bar codes
  • Custom 2DMI codes
  • Serialization with automatic or manual incrementation
  • Graphics, including Company logos
  • True grayscale photos (better quality than black & white)
  • Vector files
  • Line drawing
  • Rotary (circumferential marking on cylindrical objects)

Standard options

 Class I enclosure

  • Interlocked light-tight box with manual door, fume extraction port and focusing diode
  • Automated bellows
    • Pneumatic bellows automatically close with mark activation and raise at completion of mark.

Rotary chuck

  • ID and OD circumferential marks on cylindrical parts.
  • Automated Z axis option for variable diameter parts.

X/Y Table

  • Mark large areas or trays of multiple parts
  • Manual Z axis
  • Automated Z axis
  • Ideal for tray handling on mid to high volume work cells
  • Automated Class I bellows or automated Class I box

Kevron, Inc. understands that our laser product has to work for you in your environment, all day, every day. Our intention is an industrial stand-alone laser marker which is also easy to expand into large automation systems.

To this end, experienced integration engineers were involved in the design of our product from the beginning. This shows in the following built-in features of our Kevron laser markers:

  • 4 axis of motion control capability
  • 12 inputs and 12 outputs, which eliminates need for external controllers in small to medium automation projects.
  • Complete remote control for fully automated production facilities

Kevron laser marking systems are integratable with external databases or variable data from test stations.

The Kevron laser marker is the fastest laser marker on the market . Our laser marker will always be waiting for the material to absorb the energy from the light: the light will not be waiting for the marker to render and position before shooting the beam. Send us your sample marks and materials for a benchmark speed test.

Kevron, Inc. offers a laser marking system that has been designed for true industrial applications.


Kevron products are easily integratable into high speed production lines. Our system enables easy data interchange with external databases (production, scheduling, quality, etc.) and with variable data from test stations and the line itself.

Harsh environments

The marking head is contained within a sealed cavity to keep out dust, oil, moisture and other contamination.

The unit continues to operate normally within an extended temperature range of 0°C and 45°C (32°F + 113°F) and humidity between 0% and 90%.

Low maintenance

Kevron laser markers require minimal maintenance . Just keep the lens clean. There are no water chillers or TE coolers.

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