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By: Kenocity  09-12-2011

As seen in some children in the environment clinch. Rarely found playing such a game their parents first. Moreover, the internet facility is not foreign to them. The new entry-level SD even kindergarten was already adept at using the internet facilities especially for playing games online has never been missed.

See, for those who have internet facilities at home, they prefer and spend more time at home than on spending time with her friends outside to just running around playing hide and seek or chasing kites break. For those who do not have facilities at home, they will flock to go to the cafe and spend hours just to play online games that they like, they might even forget the time to learn them.

From a survey conducted in five cafes in the vicinity of the embrace. At holiday time, the cafe will be filled with more children than in adults. The percentage that can be measured is about 80% of children fill the cafe just to play games online or now better known as facebook and chat.

What about the traditional game ?????

Traditional games rarely do even very rare in children. Many of the reasons they said, malaslah have running, the heat then, no friend, no terrain or a vast place, or do not like playing on their parents first. Yet we know that traditional games can shape and hone motor skills of children in terms of both fine and coarse. Traditional games children can also improve social abilities of children because it is basically a traditional game played by some children. Compared with online games, online games can do yourself without the help of others. Child’s social power in terms of cooperation rarely done.

Playing games or tradisinal generally better than playing online games. But that does not mean online gaming is not allowed. But to play this online game needs guidance from parents to choose games that fit with the level of the children so much more useful for sharpening the mind and the interaction with others so that children are not too frequent play and forget about their learning time. And for traditional games, children need more frequent and even occasionally invited to play together outside to just chase each other, so the traditional game of marbles maen not lost and need to be maintained.

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