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By: Kenocity  09-12-2011

Well, lately there is one more game the browser, the title Evony, whose ads often appear on various sites on the Internet. I am fairly confident readers who like to go to Facebook, Gamespot, or other websites are visited by many people aged teens upwards, must never see this ad.

His own game anyway says ordinary people wrote. What is interesting is the evolution of advertising.

Initially only the rich-normal gini.ormal wrote it? Continues, then maybe that makes the game think, “if in its advertising Kayanya girl picture given behaviors added ya so!” So dibikinlah ad berikutnya.Lumayan version tuh girlfriend, sweet, hehe.

But perhaps such readers as well (maybe you know), the picture was not too interested at their face, tapiiii … a bit down again. No, not the neck. Down slightly again. Well, that is it.

And knowing a lot of Internet explorer like-minded with them, they were, in economic language, to serve market demand. And made ​​subsequent ads that further exploit the cave arahin make readers see in the previous paragraph … So both of us, ladies story SURE ngelihat mungkin.iar people, until the designated use swords! Ckckck .

This one was not wearing a thin dress beneath his robes, but ditambahin later.

Although you’ll enjoy somewhat less relevant to the game itself, which is actually kind of strategy genre Civilization (formerly named aja Civony instead), but most do not still deh ya accordance with the background playing the story in medieval times.

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