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By: Kema  09-12-2011

KEMA's expertise and value in electrical systems

KEMA's Electricity Transmission and Distribution services have professionals which possess all the expertise you need in the field of electrical systems. From governance, due diligence, strategy, system design, planning, construction to operating and maintaining electrical assets, KEMA's consultants provide expert knowledge to guide you with clear answers.

Our professionals are dedicated to enhance systems and grids worldwide and have expert knowledge of each asset in the electrical energy value chain, from ultra high-voltage transmission systems down to medium and low-voltage distribution grids. This includes overhead lines, cables, substations, HVDC converters, transformers, switchgear, protection systems, smart cable monitoring systems and electrical energy storage.

We optimize your investments and operations, lower risks and improve security of supply. We assure quality, safety and compliance to all (inter)national standards that are relevant for your business. Being a recognized global leader in Smart Grids we enable you to incorporate optimum design to be prepared for the electricity grid of the future.

KEMA's expertise in Transmission and Distribution increases the value of your grids and improves your profitability.

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SGO supports TSOs, DNOs and their financial stakeholders with the preparation of their management decisions and policy development.

System Design & Analysis

Power Cable Technology focuses on AC and DC Power Connections, overhead lines and underground cables.

Balancing performance, cost and risk for sustainable energy systems

As advanced storage technologies have continued to expand their applications, KEMA has used its unique qualifications to support each step of the technology and concept advancement.

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