Reviews « Kelly O'Bryan's Restaurant

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Reviews « Kelly O'Bryan's Restaurant

"Our host was very friendy and our server was kind. Drink were great and the pachos were amazing! Been waiting a year for that delicious taste! Thanks for the great experience!"

- Anonymous - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Amazing! Hailey rocks and the food was amazing! Love it!"

- Janice, Anca, Rosy - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Impeccable. Lots of laughs and great attitudes from an amazing staff. The food and drinks were very yummy!"

- Renee - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"We come from Saskatchewan to Kelowna every year and Kelly O'Bryan's is a must! The pachos are delicious, the service is always excellent and atmosphere is fun. We love to enjoy the amazing view from the patio as well! See you next year!"

- anonymous - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Excellent as always-have been coming here since the beginning."

- Helen - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Great food and service as always. We love the vibe here and how all the staff are friendly"

- Raegan - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Great service, very knowledgeable and friendly"

- Dale - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Love the atmosphere at this location"

- Kimera - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Service was good, food was amazing, and the experience was unforgetable..lovin every minute of it!"

- Josh - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Fantastic! It was super. All of your servers are so darn nice and cool. I would live on pachos if I could!"

- Allehea Bowen - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"A wonderful experience. The staff was much better than we expected. Thank you for the experience, we were very pleased! Keep up the great work!"

- Erica & Kyle - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"We have celebrated birthdays for my family of 6 plus best friends family of 4 for the last 15 years. Three of my four kids have celebrated their 19th birthdays here. I think we should own shares! Always a pleasure!"

- Monica Rasmusens - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Excellent and attentive service. Particularly enjoued the fine gentleman in a kilt delivering food. Top notch-well done"

- Christine Verwey - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"The pachos I had today changed my perspective on life. Before those pachos, my life was nothing but a dismal existence!"

- Seth - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Always a pleasure. I eat here often enough-do you have shares?"

- Brenton B - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"My husband saw you Irish restaurant and simply had to go in. He's Irish and was thoroughly pleased with our experience. Irish blessing to you in the West. You must come to Ireland."

- K. Kirkland - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"I very much enjoyed my dining experience today. You all Rock."

- Bob Amsler - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"I was very pleased with the service here. The food was great and I loved how all the servers smiled!"

- Chelsea - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Exceptional service-what an amazing experience! You rock. I love this bar, it's my kind of place-just walking through the front door puts a big smile on my face :)"

- Brenda Ens - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"What more can I say about a perfect experience?!? We WILL be back again..and again..and again.."

- Kerry & Shannon - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"The girl who served us was so nice and caring and provided us with a very special time for me and my son's 16th birthday."

- Colleen Milson - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"The food and drinks are always amazing-best caesars and pachos are always good."

- Chris Routledge - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Mel was an absolutley fantastic server! She completely "gets it" when dealing with the public. We will definitley be back! Lots of fun, great atmosphere!"

- Kathy - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Thank you for a great meal, great service and being fast! We will be back!"

- Maigan - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Jay was a wonderful server, very friendly and knowledgable. The food was delicious and fast. We will be back!"

- Brittany - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Awesome service-can't wait to come back. This is our favorited place to go."

- Amelia Oppen - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Very friendly bar and wait staff. Efficient and polite."

- Carrie Comack - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Thanks Alison.we appreciate your friendliness and excellent service. Keep up the good work-we love it here."

- Gordon & Carol Ogilvie - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Great service. The flatbread specials should be on the menu."

- Wayne Wiebe - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Excellent service-friendly, happy staff. Our 4th time and we will be back"

- Stan - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Katina was very funny, enthusiastic and kind. The food was very filling and delicious. The atmosphere made us feel welcome and our day that much better!"

- Andrew - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Our visit was excellent! The server was very nice and our food came fast. Taryn definitley made our night fun! Everything was amazing! Kelly O's should never change because they have it down right!"

- Jessica - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Melissa was fantastic and the food was delicioud as always! I've been coming here for about 20 years now and its always great!"

- Allison - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"The service was fantastic! Our food was delicious and giant! Man VS Food will come here about the Phat Daddy Burger!"

- Kaitlyn, Bee, Hillary - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Great service! Jay had impeccable timing. We love the food and have to come here every time we come to town."

- K Braden - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"The service and food was amazing, fantastic and delicious. You guys were so busy and yet our server was very attentive and excellent!"

- S & M Hoft - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Kolton was very friendly and personable. He not only served us well, but ensured that we would be returning very soon!"

- Tshepho Sawdon - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"always feel at home at kelly o's, been a customer for over a decade, they make you feel at home...and know what you want when you walk in the door!"

- chris bose - Restaurant: (kamloops)

"Our server was great! Very helpful and friendly! Pachos are amazing. It was the first time I had them and I really enjoyed them!"

- Nicki Hagel - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Katina was amazing and very entertaining! She gave us great advice on our selections. The pachos were great! So was the stew, soup, shepherds pie and philly! Loved the kilts!"

- Brenda - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Thanks Alison! We appreciate your friendliness and excellent service. Keep up the great work..we love it here."

- Gordon & Carol - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Our server was so nice and friendly. The wine was great. We appreciated the birthday gal and getting a free lunch."

- Anonymous - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"She was an awesome server. The Canucks game was loud and awesome."

- Andrew and Will - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Daniella is our favorite server when we come to Kelly o's. We love that there is NO UFC playing."

- Kelssey - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Jenna is awesome. The service was great and she was always around when we needed her. The food was so delicious and satisfying!"

- Courtney Malin - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"service was great, considering it was busy and everything went very well , but had no room for mud pie, mabe next time :0)"

- Shawn - Restaurant: (Vernon)

"Service was notch. One of the best pubs i've been to in a while."

- Jared Howe - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Love it want to come back again. Great service and Fantastic food."

- Konlynn Pachon - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Service is always fabulous, food is high quality. We live nearby and always have a good time-you guys are great."

- Paul & Carol-Lynn Ilomaki - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Michelle and Wade are the best!!!"

- Anonymous - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Amazing. Very Friendly and efficient. Best service I have had in a very long time."

- Whitney Williams - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Grew up in kamloops, Kelly O's was part of childhood, moved to Alberta 8 years ago, still miss it everyday. Best Restaurant ever!! Hope u come to the prairies!"

- Brandi - Restaurant: (Wetaskiwin AB)

"Atmosphere was great. It's Kelly O's, what else can you expect? Everyone who is anyone knows about Kelly O's!"

- Taija, Val, Steph - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"My friend had a rough day and everyone went out of their way to make her laugh. This is why we come here; because we are surrounded by friends we've never met!"

- Amy & Christina - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Very good server..natural, friendly, very good at reading her tables. Punctual and effective upseller, made us feel comfortable and wanting to come back."

- anonymous - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Many thanks and blessing for being here today. We had such a great opportunity to celebrate my birthday here once again."

- Janice & Kevin - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"When I have friends come from out of town, Kelly O's is always on our list of things to do. Katina was attentive without being intrusive and the food was delicious as always!"

- Cindy - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"I had an awesome birthday. Our meals were fabulous! Laura was an attentive and caring server that made the experience even better."

- Dean & Darlene - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"he made me and my wife some of the the best martinis we have ever had.really interesting guy with a lot to talk about best service i have had in a long time.although had to drag my wife away from talking to him thanks for the excellent night"

- Matt cornforth - Restaurant: (kelowna )

"The service was excellent and food was awesome. My birthday tradition is dinner at Kelly O's almost every year for about 20 years!"

- Brent Smith - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"First time here and I fell in love. The pachos were amazing! Keep the waffle fries alive! Made my day!"

- Anonymous - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Crimson was prompt and personable, everything was great"

- Jessica/Chad - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Very nice server, great smile and great memory."

- Margaret Manuel - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Out of this world-seriously"

- Joanne Spencer - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Crimson was prompt and personable, everything was great"

- Jessica/Chad - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"On my first trip to Canada I visited the Kelowna Resturant and had a great time there. I had the Chicken Wings and they were great. And from being from New Orleans I can say that those were the best hot wings I have evber had. Next time I'm up that way. I'll be back for more."

- Larry Bell - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Excellent service, Great sugestions The food was Excellent"

- Sally Watters - Restaurant: (Kamloops)

"Great Service, Best Ribs in town Best Pachos too!"

- Corallea Mueller - Restaurant: (Kamloops)

"Very friendly and quick service. The Prime Rib was delicious!"

- Mamie Mongomery - Restaurant: (Kamloops)

"Our server was beyond awesome for our last minute reservation. Katina was very attentive and personable."

- Danielle - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"I have never seen happier employees. The pachos were amazing!"

- Anonymous - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Melissa was a sweetheart. She was very attentive and informative about the menu. I will come back again just because of her!"

- Kelsey - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Talk about service with a smile! Our server was very kind and her attention to detail was superb! The food was delicious and came extremely quick."

- Azmena & Jesse - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Excellent service, Great Suggestions"

- Sally Watters - Restaurant: (Kamloops)

"Jenna was very knowledgeable. Very great service & great smile! Everytime I come here, I recieve great service!"

- Shawna Tinga - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Everything was awesome, thank you"

- Jolene Eustache - Restaurant: (Kamloops)

"Great service, awesome attitude and I was given a booth with a T.V. view, I always eat here when I'm in town."

- Mickey Sidhu - Restaurant: (Kamloops)

"Pachos are a national treasure!! Melissa has a great smile and always there when we needed her."

- Brittany - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"The service was very friendly and thorough. If the food was any better, I would move in so I wouldnt have to cook at home."

- Ingrid & Vernon - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Jenna was an excellent server. As an independant business owner, I know what great customer service consists of. She is a great asset to this business. "

- Sarah - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Awesome service, best in town! The food was delish as usual!"

- Sheila Hudson - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Great Pachos and fish and chips. Service was friendly and accomodating. We come here regularly."

- Kelley Brennan - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Jenna was awesome. She was fun and we came here to have a drink before a concert and she made us feel right at home. The food and drinks were amazing."

- Shannon Williams - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Enjoyed being greeted at the door by your staff! We will be back and recomend Kelly O'Bryan's to others!"

- Katie & Kelley - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Great service! Made my birthday special. Hailey went the extra mile to make sure we were satisfied, more than satisfied!"

- Carol Doherty - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Melissa was very pleasant and helpful, influential in our meal choices and we enjoyed chatting with her. The food was excellent and the wine was very nice. A great evening. The service was very prompt and efficient!"

- Dave & Glenda WIlson - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Great Job! We had a good time! We never waited for anything. The food is always good and we usually stop in every couple of weeks. Overall an awesome evening."

- Jonathon - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Service was awesome! Very attentive and told us about a great deal. Like the pub switch, will be in more often"

- Sarah - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Laura was an amazing server, she had us laughing, smiling and will return again"

- Sherry - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"The best anywhere.We love it here-always a good end to a tough week."

- The Sengers - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Very friendly service, Daniella was verygood and helpful. We would highly recommend Kelly O'Bryan's to visitors and friends."

- Rose - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Never been to Ireland, but for Canada, this is as good as it gets!"

- anonymous - Restaurant: (Kelowna)
- Laura Morden - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)
- D Gemmell - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"I love Kelly O'Bryans. It is the best restaurant in Kelowna, and I come here from Penticton, this is where I wasnt to eat."

- Peter - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Food was tastty, beer is alwasy good and people are crazy. Fun music and enough sports on tvs for fans. Thank you for a nice evening."

- Julia Frew - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"How refreshing to have good, great actually, service. Kolton was excellent and knowledgeable. "

- Lorna McNeil - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"The service was awesome. The food was most delicious. Well done KOB Chefs!"

- Tyler - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

"Great service, great food, great dfink the new pub side. Would be nice if every business had such a wonderful employee."

- James - Restaurant: (West Kelowna)

"Excellent servive, friendly staff, very easy to talk and the service was top shelf!!"

- Pat - Restaurant: (Kelowna)

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