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By: Kdc Builders  09-12-2011
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1st KDC Builders & Foundation Repair has been serving the North Texas area since 1976. We know that no one wants to be faced with foundation problems but when you are, rely on a foundation contractor with over 30 years valuable experience. Insured for your protection, 1st KDC Builders & Foundation Repair offers a spotless record with since 1986 and First Rate Customer Service. Could you settle for anything less?

** We'll beat any written estimate by a competitor w/comparable credentials for any foundation repair.

How can you tell if you have foundation problems? Exterior:

  • Cracks in the Bricks and Mortar
  • Separation of the Freeze Boards
  • Chimney pulling away or shifting

Other elements seek to destroy these beams. The wood rots, insects damage them, or the drainage or ventilation may be inferior. At times, there may not be an adequate number of piers to support the house or they may be spaced too far apart. The piers may shift or sink and no longer provide the needed support.

If a second story has been added to the house, additional beams may not have been added to sufficiently support the home. We offer affordable solutions to these problems with our warranted systems and a variety of choices for the repair.

Pier and Beam Repair
Pier and Beam foundations are constructed two ways. Some have a perimeter of concrete giving the appearance of a concrete slab and others have piers placed around the perimeter. Air is vented around the base of the sides and the porch and steps are generally raised. The solution to Pier and Beam damage is to add additional piers and cut the defective builders piers. Replacing the wood shims with steel and installing a proper drainage system will ensure a reliable and secure foundation. It is very important to do a thorough job in this process to prevent a reoccurrence of piers sinking. Unlike many foundation contractors, KDC Builders Foundation Repair Division has the solution to prevent further settling.

Slab Repair
Improper drainage can also compromise the slab foundation. Creating a slope downward and away from the foundation allows water to flow away from the foundation and thus prevents water collection. Gutter run-off should be directed away from the house using Surface Drains and/or French Drains. Additionally, water from plant areas and air conditioning units may cause the pooling of water. Any accumulation of water should be at least 20 feet away from the home to prevent foundation damage.

Improper drainage can cause serious foundation problems. Whether it is preventative before the damage begins, or after the foundation has been repaired, we can install an effective drainage system to prevent further damage.

  • Grading - The slope of the soil beginning at the base of the house should be at an angle to sufficiently allow drain-off of water from sprinklers in plant beds around the perimeter of the home, as well as air conditioning and gutter run-off.
  • French Drains - A perforated pipe buried in the soil to collect and drain away sub-surface water. The sub-surface water expands and contracts and impacts the integrity of the beams as it pushes beams upward. The pipe is installed at the bottom of the perimeter foundation and approximately three feet away from the slab. This system will disburse excess or standing water to the Surface drainage system to allow soil to remain moist in wet weather yet avoid water buildup.
  • Surface Drains - Constructed to divert water away from the foundation and prevent pooling of water. A system of Surface Drains which may also be coupled with French Drains will produce effective redistribution of water away from the foundation to prevent damage.

Spread Footings
Spread Footings is an application that is outdated and proved to be ineffective in repairing and /or preventing further foundation problems. It may create additional problems as the footing, installed under the beam, and poured as a concrete slab, resides in the 3-5 ft soil depth area where damaging expansion and contraction occurs. This expansion and contraction can cause more upheaval in the foundation and lead to additional foundation problems

  1. Install good ground cover. This will prevent excessive moisture from seeping deep into the soil causing foundation problems to the structure. This will also prevent erosion of the soil. Good ground cover also prevents excessive “drying out” through evaporation. Good ground cover will help maintain a more constant uniform moisture level in the soil beneath.
  2. Water the soils around the structure during dry periods just enough to keep the grass green. More watering is needed in areas with more abundant shrubbery, plants and trees. The south and west sides of the structure are more exposed to the sun and may need more water to offset rapid evaporation.
  3. NEVER water too close to the foundation. Stay about 3 feet away with the water.
    • NEVER pour water into the cracks in the ground.
      These cracks usually go a few feet deep, and the water will reach soil that is normally undisturbed by concentrated amounts of moisture. Depending upon the shrink/swell potential the soil may up-heave or it may consolidate and lose volume; either way undermining the foundation and causing problems.
    • NEVER place sand, sandy loam or rocks around the foundation. They are very porous and allow water to pass quickly to the soil below where the sun and wind cannot dry it out. Clay soils are non-porous and are recommended for proper water drainage away from the foundation.
    • NEVER allow water to pond around the foundation. If water stands for very long, it will seep under the foundation causing problems.

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Keywords: foundation repair

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