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By: Kcwebplaza  09-12-2011
Keywords: Color Scheme, Media Frames

Here's some examples of the various design elements included with the Enhancement Pack.


Color Scheme

We provide 11 colors carefully selected so that they can be used together within any Captivate presentation and/or individual slide. The variety of colors gives you almost limitless possibilities as you mix and match the various elements in the Enhancement pack - backgrounds, captions, icons, numbers, shapes, etc.

Text Captions

The default text captions provided by Adobe provide little contast between the caption and the other contents of the slide. The Enhancement Pack captions provide much more contrast and increase the usability dramatically.


Buttons provide critical interactivity within you Captivate movies. Buttons can navigate users to specific slides, trigger events, open web pages or documents, or execute custom JavaScript commands. Using buttons from the Enhancement Pack is easy! Simply follow the standard process of inserting an image button. Select Insert > Button from the Captivate menu. Select Image button from the Type drop-down menu. When you open the Image Button Style menu, all of the Enhancement Pack buttons are be previewed with their up/over/down states.

Control Bars

We've provided custom SWF control bars that utilize the Enhancement Pack color scheme. The variety of colors allow for increased usability and allows you to easily provided a consistent interface across your projects.


Using custom backgrounds can provide tremendous visual appeal to your Captivate movies. We provide a huge variety of backgrounds. You can also insert solid highlight boxes over the backgounds to create an additional container for text or grahics. Custom backgrounds are sometimes used for introduction and conclusion slides only, while the regular content slides contain solid backgrounds or screen captures.



Numbers can provide excellent visual cues for the steps a end-user is supposed to take. Placed next to fields of a screen capture, the user immediately understand the steps they need to perform to complate a task. The numbers can also be used in the design of process diagrams or step action tables.

Media Frames

Media Frames refer to a variety of elements you can use for . We provide rectanges, circles, paging buttons, and navigation backgrounds. In the example below the blue Media Frame was inserted and then a separate image of the books was placed on top of it. Similarly, the newspaper image was placed over a circular Media Frame. At the bottom, paging buttons (previous and next slides) were positioned over navigation backgrounds (all provided in the Enhancement Pack).


Headers are provided so that you can give emphasis to text display. This is good for text headings, titles, menus, diagrams. Headers can be used as standalone elements in the slide, or they can be positioned within a Text Caption.


You'll get a large number of shapes with the Enhancement Pack - squares, circles, and arrows. These can add visual enhancements to your movies by highlighting key sections of screen captures or slides. You can easily adjust the timing and visual duration of each shape by making adjustments in the timeline - adding emphasis to them or synchronizing them with a voiceover.

Keywords: Color Scheme, Media Frames

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