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By: Kavlico  09-12-2011
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With over half a century of experience, Kavlico’s line of quality industrial sensing products spans technologies, configurations and pressure ranges. Our low-pressure P992/P993 products are offered in pressure ranges of 2.5mbar to 25mbar (1" – 10" H2O). Our general-purpose sensors are offered in many configurations and can handle applications from 30 mbar to 70 bar (0.5 PSI – 1,000 PSI).

We have low-cost products for high-volume applications and very robust, ruggedly designed sensing products for more demanding applications. Our transmitters and regulated output devices can be configured with many popular industrial electrical connectors and come with standard metric, English, and US pressure media ports. Kavlico high-pressure units are produced in ranges of up to 400 Bar (6,000 PSI). Focusing on handheld industrial and medical products, Kavlico’s innovative P6000 pressure sensors offer new solutions where miniature sensing devices are needed.

At Kavlico, we put the custom in customer! Utilizing our field-proven standard pressure sensor and transducer design concepts, we can customize sensor variations for a wide variety of application-specific OEM requirements. We break it down to the ABC’s of sensor fundamentals:
Application – Build – Customize

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Kavlico products for the Transportation Market  ::  Kavlico

Engine oil, fuel, transmission, filter restriction, exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filter, brake, and manifold absolute pressure sensing are all common applications for our transducers. Drawing on over 50 years of pressure transducer design and manufacturing experience, Kavlico has earned a reputation for building products to withstand exceptionally rugged environments.


Force Sensors for Aerospace &Defense  ::  Kavlico

All Kavlico force sensors are custom made for the load and electrical characteristics of each aircraft platform, resulting in many field-proven designs. Kavlico force sensors are used in a multitude of commercial and military aircraft applications. Kavlico is the largest provider of aircraft force sensors.


Transportation Pressure Sensors  ::  Kavlico

Built to withstand the aggressive, high vibration, broad temperature range environment found in engine mounted and underhood applications, Kavlico’s highly integrated automotive sensors are ideal for a variety of chassis system and powertrain applications.


Industrial Specialty Sensors  ::  Kavlico

Our numerous sensing technologies, selection of housing materials, pressure port configurations, electrical connection options, and output formats allows us to tailor sensors to meet unique measurement requirements. With a 10-year minimum shelf life and a lifetime in millions of cycles, Kavlico sensors are made to last. EMI/RFI and high overpressure protection as well as high humidity tolerance.


Kavlico Products by Market  ::  Kavlico

Flexible by design, our products can be easily adapted to meet unique customer requirements for the automotive, HVAC, medical, power generation, wastewater, on & off-highway, aeronautic & space industries and more. For over half a century, Kavlico has been a leading manufacturer of pressure, position, force, and specialty sensors and systems for the Transportation, Industrial, and Aerospace & Defense markets.