toronto staging

By: Katu Design  09-12-2011


Take a look around your home. Can you identify the most cost effective improvements that could increase your selling price and decrease your selling time? katu design can! We offer a broad range of services; from our comprehensive initial consultation, right up to our full service home makeover.  Whether you need a little help or a lot you can capitalize on our years of experience.

We take a thorough approach to evaluating your home, starting right at the curb. The same place where potential buyers begin their decision-making. katu design carefully assesses your home room by room. You will receive a detailed written assessment outlining our recommendations for improving your home's marketability. We pride ourselves on always being on time and within budget.  We don't just "fluff" your home we provide the details that enhance your home so you not only get the best price but in the shortest time.

katu design is pleased to announce we now accept all major credit cards and online payments for our consulting and staging services.