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By: Kathy Buckworth  09-12-2011

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Friday we start the day (as one does) with a wine tasting at the Ecole du vin de Bordeaux, to properly set us up for a sightseeing tour around the city.  At the end of the day we’re heading out of Bordeaux and taking part in the Night of 1000 Pastas. This is the typical carbo load for the marathoners who will be taking part in the Medoc Marathon. I am not running the marathon, but will selflessly attempt to  eat pasta for every course.  I know, brave.  And again, where are those larger pants?

Saturday Sept 10th brings marathon day, where some brave members of our media group will be participating.  I will be following part of the marathon – and this will be my Dabble Dare that you’ll have to wait to read about. Let’s just say I was born to ride.

Sunday sees us heading to Saint-Emilion, for a tour of a (yep) winegrower, a picnic lunch and a tour of a monolithic church, the catacombs, and more.  Back to Bordeaux for dinner at Brasserie de l’Europe. I’m thinking there will be wine, this being our final night.

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We heard from a part-time gym teacher, a full time professional chef, a social worker, and a artist/graphic designer branching out into using her work to help others. Last week I visited the Optimism Cafe – a unique venue set up by the folks at Maxwell House, who are linking optimism to coffee, and back again.


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