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By: Kastle Klean Janitorial  09-12-2011
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What is important to us, is that we want you to feel comfortable in your choice of cleaning company.  We could say that we believe we can offer you better value and quality than any other company.  But every other company will say the exact same thing. So what do you look for in a cleaning company?

When making your decision keep these following 7 tips in mind:

1. Ask for referrals or testimonials-  A good company should be more than happy to provide you with a few good customers. And if they can`t, take this as a warning sign that there service is a source of complaints and poor quality.

2. Avoid Lower Priced Companies – The old adage “you get what your pay for” applies here. We realize that it is very time consuming and difficult to pick the right company, so that is why it is important to pick right the first time.  Going with the “cheapest” bid is not always the best idea. The trend now a days is for a company to bid low, win the contract and sell it off to another competitive cleaning company.  In effect they become brokers. The problem with this is two-fold. One you lose control of who is actually doing the cleaning and two, because the company who bought the contract is now cleaning it for less than the original quote, quality may now suffer.

A cheaper bid could also be a reflection on the experience and low quality of the company . You may discover that by going with the cheapest bid you actually may end up paying more in the long run if you have to let them go and do the re-hire process all over again.

3.The Face to Face Meeting – It may seem like a hassle, but we strongly encourage that you take the time to meet your prospective cleaning professionals in person. This will give you a good sense of their confidence, competence and professionalism.  After all, a cleaning service shouldn’t just “look good” on paper. It should also “feel right” in your gut.

4.Are they Bonded and Insured? – This is a given. Only work with companies that treat your business seriously.  Any company that places value on their name will back up their service with the proper protective measures. Don’t just ask if they’re bonded. Ask for proof. Ask to see their papers. Anyone who refuses is probably lying.

5.Avoid large firms – Rather than building a reputation through relationships, some companies will opt to pay for marketing.  Many large firms don’t perform their own cleaning, and have no means of ensuring service quality. Instead, they make their money by selling franchises and contracts to new entrepreneurs.  You want a company that has its own employees, and performs their own work… not a franchise.

6.Here today, gone tomorrow syndrome – How long have they been around? Commercial cleaning is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Low barriers to entry mean that anyone can start a company with minimal investment.  Unfortunately, many of these smaller shops tend to shut down when they realize how difficult it actually is to provide quality service while staying profitable.  Nothing’s worse than being stuck because your cleaning company suddenly decided to go out of business without telling you.

7.Quality Control – You will want a company that not only trains there employees but offers full support. This includes on-going training and education, regular supervision and inspections.  Open and honest communication should be a top priority. Prompt follow ups and response times must be rectified within the day.

8. Green Cleaning-If the company you are thinking about hiring does not have a green program in place then they are behind the times.  Green cleaning is the way to clean now!  It reduces harmful toxins that most all cleaning chemicals have and eliminates germs thus saving your company money by reducing sick leave.  We all have to play a part in saving our environment, why should it only apply to our homes?  Our offices and work place must be safe as well and that starts with the cleaning company.

We hope that these tips will help you to make the right choice in selecting your next office cleaning company.

Keywords: Cleaning Chemicals, Commercial Cleaning

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