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By: Kassel Painting  09-12-2011
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Exterior House Painting

Apart from curb appeal or appearance alone, it is vital that the house is kept well protected from the weather and especially the rain. Vancouver is a city reclaimed from a rainforest and so we get a lot of rain. Nature was here before we were so no point trying to argue about it.

Paint is a layer of water-repellent protection, like a raincoat between the rain and the wood, stucco or other wall surface your house is made of.

Failing Paint Problems

A layer of failing paint (cracked, chipped or flaking) is possibly worse than no paint at all because the failing paint can actually trap moisture against the wall, and that leads to rot.

In our climate, outside paint should last 6 to 8 years but that doesn’t mean we can ignore all maintenance during that time. We advise our clients to call us every 2-3 years for some touch up work, where we can replace any paint that is failing.

Not only do we live in a rainforest but also a seismic fault line, meaning the ground occasionally shifts beneath our feet. That means your house is subject to vibrations that produce small cracks in the paint. Every time your garage door opens and closes, you slam a door or window, or a big truck goes by, is another shock wave that runs through the house. And over time these make the paint fail.

Maintenance Helps Paint Last For Years

The solution is good prep and painting; but on-going maintenance is just as important. In fact a great paint job will last a long time IF regular inspections and touch up are done.

KASSEL PAINTING LTD is interested in making you a client for life by being a part of your overall plan for maintaining and protecting your biggest investment, your home!

Interior House Painting

Interior painting is much less serious than outside work. Your house won’t fall down because you didn’t paint the living room. But it is equally true that nothing makes a bigger difference than painting when you want to update your home and make it into a cozy, inviting space you are proud of.

The beauty of painting is that it is so easy to change! If styles changes, your tastes change, you get new furniture or floors it is not much money to just repaint over the old paint.

Painting – Environmentally Friendly

And painting is so environmentally friendly. The old paint stays on the wall. It doesn’t go to the landfill as we paint right over it. The new paint all goes on the walls and any left over in the last can is yours for future touch up. Thanks to strict new laws on paint formulas today’s paint is water-based, safe to clean up and does not give off clouds of toxic fumes. It is relatively odourless today.

Combinations of Colour

The secret to a good interior paint job is that while proper prep means the walls will look good when finished, the biggest thing is getting the colours right. This is what will “tie the room together”. It is all about the right combinations of colour and furnishings. That’s why you may have bought a piece of furniture or art or accessory and got it home but “it didn’t look like it did in the magazine/catalogue/showroom?”

KASSEL PAINTING LTD has years of experience in design and can even bring in professional Designers to help create the perfect look.

Keywords: Exterior House Painting, Interior Painting, Painting, Painting Interior

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