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By: Kasia Zamarska  09-12-2011

This one-of-a-kind 30-day system shows you how to align your unconscious resources with your conscious
Desires to discover, design and deliberately create your ideal life.. For more info go to:

One on my new discoveries - the Sculptor 3 program from AFFIRMWARE. Amazingly simple and easy to use.

Sculptor 3 . Program .. Combines 7 of the best results-amplifying technologies that are tested and proven to increase the power and speed of manifestation. They are  Affirmations, Visualization, Alpha sound technology (to induce highly receptive meditative states), Subliminal technology, Sentence completion, Assignment writing/goal setting, Whole brain synchronization (utilizing thought, intuition, sensation and emotion). Sculptor 3 seamlessly integrates all 7 technologies to create a powerful manifesting mechanism.. So while you sit in front of your computer for 10 minutes, you are literally soaking yourself in 7 powerful technologies that have been synergistically combined to produce incredible results.
For more info go to and be sure to watch the online tutorials: