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By: Karten Design  09-12-2011

The A+D Museum, Los Angeles’s premier showcase for progressive architecture and design, highlighted Karten Design’s creative process in its latest installment of

, offering a look into the inner workings of our studio. Last year, Karten Design became a member of the A+D Museum’s 20/20, a group of preeminent Los Angeles architects and designers dedicated to supporting the museum and its mission of educating the community about the important role that architecture and design play in daily life.

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Karten Design invited the owners of Los Angeles’ most prominent pop-ups, including CoolHaus, Green Truck, NomNom and Royal/T, to join us and share their stories with moderator Alissa Walker, noted Los Angeles-based writer. Yet since 2008, businesses such as food trucks and pop-up shops have emerged by the hundreds and, despite a recession, grown revenue at a rate most brick and mortar establishments would envy.