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By: Kappler  09-12-2011

Selected coverall styles have exclusive LongNeck™ design with extended neck protection.

The best protective garments in the world are useless without strong, tight seams. Just one loose thread or gap, and the barrier of protection can unravel and leave you vulnerable to injury – or worse. Kappler offers four different seam types for its protective garments.

Depending on the fabric and final application, users may specify: Serged seams for general protection; Bound seams in the mid-range; Heat Sealed/Taped seams for high-end chemical protection; and Ultrasonic seams for biohazard or nuclear applications.

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Know What You're Getting Into

The years since have seen Kappler define an entire industry with patented fabrics, innovative seaming technology and unique garment designs. The Kappler brand on your garment means you always know what you're getting into. It takes a lot of confidence to put your brand on a Level A suit.