K2 Driving School

By: K2driving  09-12-2011
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Q: Can I start in-car training before I pass my knowledge test?
A: No, You should pass the knowledge test before you can start in-car training. You may practice your knowledge skills on-line  or .  Do not forget to read your  before you go for a test :)  If you do not have one just go to one of the and ask for it, or you can read it on-line.

Q: What do I need to bring for my first lesson?
A: Your Driver License should be with you at each lesson. You do not need to bring your "L" or "N" sign. You should wear eyeglasses or contacts if required.

Q: Should I pay for a full package ahead? 
A: No. We prefer if you pay in advance, but if you are not able to do so we will accept payments for each lesson.

Q: Which ICBC branch should I chose for my road test? 
A: Take your road test in a area you live. You are more familiar with this area. You will feel more confident and relaxed during your road test. There is no "easy locations". If you are not ready for your road test you will not pass it by choosing "easy location".

Keywords: road test