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By: Jwh Kustoms  09-12-2011
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Antique and Collector Car Insurance Appraisals from $100.00 in the surrounding area. Outside the surrounding area, customers will be charged an additional fee for Kilometres only.
$100.00 for Repeat Appraisals
$150.00 for a Basic Appraisal package, which includes fourteen 4 x 6 colour photos, and a five page detailed appraisal of your vehicle.
$200.00 for a Deluxe Appraisal package, which includes a 8 x 10 colour photo, fourteen to eighteen 4 x 6 colour photos, and a 5 page detailed appraisal of your vehicle. The Deluxe Appraisal is printed on card stock, placed in protective covers and supplied in a hard binder.
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* All appraisals include a second copy provided for your insurance company and will be completed by appointment only. Please contact Jamie to schedule an appointment or for any further questions.
All appraisals include a detailed description of:
- Interior (seats, head liner, door panels, dash, floor covering, instrumentation, stereo, chrome)
- Exterior (body, paint, glass, chrome)
- Mechanicals (engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, exhaust)
- Wheels/Tires
- Summary

Service Updates: It is recommended that you re-appraise your vehicle every time extensive work has been preformed, or you feel the value of your vehicle has changed.    

In Case of Accident or Damage: JWHKustoms suggests that you remind your insurance company that your vehicle has been appraised for agreed replacement value. Please ask your insurance company if your vehicle is insured under the 19A policy. There is a big difference between 19 (actual cash value) and 19A (agreed replacement value). This type of policy (19A) will guarantee the insurance company to pay the amount started on your current appraisal. Make sure that your insurance company has your updated appraisal on record. This is the coverage you want to have on your Hot Rod, Classic, Antique, or Special interest vehicle. Most insurance companies that deal with Hot Rod, Classic, Antique, or Special interest vehicles use the 19A policy which protects the owner in an event of total loss. Remember, antique and collector cars are appreciating in value and therefore you should be compensated for it.
These insurance companies offer the 19A policy: Whetter, Oaklin Insurance brokers Inc. Silver Wheels, Lant and Co. Insurance brokers limited.

* JWH Kustoms can also supply you with a Ministry Appraisal (Motor Vehicle Appraisal Record), a must for any vehicle over twenty years old.


* Vehicle Safety Certifications

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Keywords: antique, appraisals, Insurance Company, vehicle