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By: Jumpstartweb  09-12-2011

It’s pretty obvious that a searcher’s needs are going to be different if they are searching from their laptop at home vs searching from their phone while running around town doing errands.

Additionally, there are huge opportunities to become the best in your market in this advertising channel. This is important now and, considering the rate of mobile growth, will be a major competitive advantage in the years to come.

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What IS hard is to look at your business goals then coherently come up with an online strategy you can execute to reach those goals. It’s hard to believe that over 2000 years ago Sun Tzu had a pretty good idea of how web marketing would be conducted. The truth about online marketing is that much of the execution is actually not that hard. Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.


Mobile Marketing Victoria |

In the next few years, the Internet will be accessed more frequently on mobile devices than through the broadband, big screen computers that we’re used to. Mobile web visitors aren’t casually admiring your fancy effects and graphics, and they have no sympathy for slow connections or tiny text. Mobile surfers are on a mission, usually to get somewhere and buy something. If you don’t make it easy for them, you’ll lose them–often times forever.


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We believe in making nicely branded, simple mobile sites which give customers your phone number and directions to your location up front. After all, if they are on the road and are searching for you, the biggest likelihood is they want directions or a phone number. 1/3 of mobile searches are looking for information about local businesses. 15-30% of all searches across any industry come from mobile phones.



A strategic interview with a seasoned web professional so your site is built to meet your needs and goals. Built in Analytics so you can measure your traffic and activity. Options include SEO Pack, Graphics Pack, Adwords and more. An “SEO-ready” structure ready for SEO optimization.


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The better you optimize your listing in local search engines like Google Places, the eyeballs you’ll grab when people are scanning their search results. We take the time to understand your business, and put our skills to work in the specific areas that will help you the most. JumpStart Web offers the most comprehensive set of online marketing services you’ll find for smaller businesses.