Judy Liebner | Housing Industry Writing and Copywriting Services

By: Judy Liebner  09-12-2011
Keywords: Builders, Renovation Contractors, Housing Industry

            Judy works closely with housing industry experts – including builders, renovation contractors and landlords – to help them sell their services and attract more clients. She accomplishes that goal by telling stories that paint a picture and captivate clients.

Judy works with clients to craft:

  • descriptions of homes that contractors have built or renovated with a view to entering them in a design competition. Competitions are a critical part of a contractor’s portfolio since they help to increase recognition among their colleagues and attract new clients.
  • descriptions of model suites to accompany drawings of floorplans. Descriptions – with references to floor-to-ceiling windows and open-concept layouts that reflect today’s entertaining styles, for example – help website visitors to envision one-dimensional floorplans in three-dimensional terms.
  • newsletters that inform readers of developments in their industry, with profiles of innovative companies and inspiring role models.
  • advertorials for builders/developers who are launching a new project or who simply want to showcase past projects in order to attract new clients.

            In addition to writing, Judy works with clients to edit their own copy. She believes in taking a minimalistic approach to editing so the personality and tone of the writer shine through his or her words. In either case, she does the best possible work – every time – and hones it to the satisfaction of her clients.

Keywords: Builders, Housing Industry, Renovation Contractors