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By: Jr Helicopters  09-12-2011

Whether your needs are business or personal in nature we can provide professional, secure and safe service to get your precious cargo, no matter what that cargo is, to the destination you have in mind.

We operate under a Part 135 air carrier certificate providing local and regional busines charter service, government charter service, and individual charter service flights ranging from relocation of personnel to, scenic, photo flights and tours.

Air Taxi Services

Do you need to get yourself or some personnel to a destination fast? We can deliver on that goal from pickup to delivery and back again (if needed).

Helicopter arrival isn't just safe, fast and convenient, it also supplies a certain prestige and lends importance to the matters at hand. Think about it, a limousine kind of pales in comparison don't you think?

Scenic Flights and Site Seeing Tours

In the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and British Columbia Canada we have some of the most beautiful and unique landscape that you'll find anywhere.

From the Pacific coast line, to the 30+ volcanoes and volcanic attractions, to the arid regions East of the Cascades you cannot pass up the opportunity to see these wonders from the unique perspective of the air. Imagine the thrill of exploring Mount St. Helens up close and personal!

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JR Helicopters | Site Seeing Tours

The eastern portion of the Pacific Northwest is another area that has its own amazing wonders, from the Northern portion of Washington state where pine forests abound and earlier settlers mined for precious metals, to the southern most regions of Oregon where the rivers are wild and then land is rugged.


JR Helicopters | Aerial Photography and Filming

J.R. Helicopters works with some of the top film pilots in the industry, and holds an FAA issued waiver for motion picture photography, and has the knowledge and ability to work closely with production companies to ensure a safe and effecient project.


JR Helicopters | Helicopter Services

Our expertise in Aerial Application from forest conservation and misquito/pest control to crop drying and spraying and noxious weed control ensures we deliver superior coverage with the best service money can buy in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia Canada everytime. Regardless of your needs if you are looking for safe, fast charter services JR Helicopters, LLC is your guide to a perfect experience every time.


JR Helicopters | Construction and Heavy Lifting

Many companies and individuals are making the discovery that the cost of leveraging a helicopter's ability to precisely place heavy objects in the need of construction are often less than the transport, maintenance, security, and operating expenses of ground equipment.


JR Helicopters | Heli Skiing

It's 5-6 passenger configuration, speed, power and high altitude capability combine to ensure a safe and fun ride to the top of the mountain for everyone. During the winter months our AS 350 B3 Astar can be found in the mountains. The AS 350 B3 is a perfect helicopter for Heli-Skiing and Heli-Boarding. Talk about the ultimate chair lift.