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By: Jordan Strength  09-12-2011

myElite Lean Mass Strength and Cardio Program - $40

- Build lean mass and strength for health and fitness

- Get access to an extensive exercise video database

- Program is based on scientiific principles to obtain maximal gains in minimal time

- Great for the busy professional looking to get gains efficiently and effectively

myElite Individualized Strength and Cardio Program - $75

- Program begins with a Client Assessment

- Program is developed according to your individual needs

- Get access to an extensive video database

- On-line monitoring and monthly coach consultation session

- Training Program is periodized and progressed on a monthly basis

- Great for athletes looking for a performance edge and for those with specific fitness goals

Sport Performance Periodized Training Program - $100

- Program begins with the a Client Assessment and Sport Audit

- Program designed to have you at your peak physical performance for competition

- Addresses all aspects of sport performance (speed, power, strength, fitness etc..)

- Fully periodized training program (Acquisition, Specialization, Tapering and Peaking)

- Get access to an extensive video database

- Nutrition program, on-line monitoring, and a monthly coach consultation session

Structural Tolerance Training Sessions and Movement Assessment - $100/hr

- Full movement assessment to determine anatomical weaknesses and movement dysfunction

- Assessments and training done in a one-on-one training environment

- Make a full recovery from your injury and return to your highest level of performance

- Optimize movement strategies and develop structural tolerance for injury prevention

myElite 12-Week Speed Skater Training Program - $129.99

- On-line program with exercise video website

- Program based on 15 years training the World's Best Speed Skaters

- Optimize your summer training for speed skating

- Develop your skating specific strength and power for hockey with a proven training method

- Cross training to build lower body strength and power

myElite 12-Week Alpine Ski Training Program - $129.99

- On-line training program with exercise video website

- Based on cutting edge training techniques used to develop Canada's best skiers

- Train for alpine ski racing

- Use this program to prepare for your ski season

- Crosstrain to develop lower body strength, power and agility

myElite 12-Week MMA and Combative Sport Training Program - $129.99

- On-line training program with exercise video website

- Based on principles used to develop current UFC fighters and elite boxers/combat athletes

- Prepare for a fight or competition

- Crosstrain with a dynamic trainng program to develop full body strength, cardio, and power

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