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By: Jordan Clocks  09-12-2011
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 $250.00     One of the great attributes of this clock is its deep rich sound.  This lovely clock from the late 1800′s  has an eight day time and strike German mechanism which strikes on the hour and half hour on a large spiral gong.

 The movement is in excellent running condition and has been tested and running for a month. The pendulum is brass and has a lyre style to it. The dial has a brass ring on the outer edge with a silvered time ring with painted Arabic numerals.  The dial does have quite a few scratches but is still very readable.

The case is a beautiful dark wood with carvings on the outside of the door above the dial and small carvings on the left and right of the lower area of the door. The case itself overall is in very good shape.

This clock measures 28” long X 18” wide X 7 ½” deep. If you like a clock that has a great sound and that old world tick this is your piece.

I try my best to describe all items accurately to the best of my abilities but remember these are antiques and of course show the years of use and not all small scratches or marks are mentioned. If for some reason you find that the item is not as stated please contact me with any concerns. 

Currently I am not shipping overseas.


A great gift that can be passed down from generation to generation is this beautiful Chelsea brass ships bell clock. With a  7 1/2 inch diameter, a 5 inch time ring and an original Chelsea movement, the clock keeps excellent time, runs a full 8 day per winding and correctly strikes ships bells every half hour on a coiled gong. The fast/slow and bell silencing settings are readily accessible on the front of the clock with the fast/slow setting nearly centered in the range. The clock’s silvered and stamped face is in like new condition with no scratching around the winding ports. The serial number on the movement is 786441 and it comes with the original Chelsea key.


Here we have a Beautiful English Enfield made Clock with Time and strike. Enfield Smith is one of the premier clock makers in Britain. Circa 1940′s to 50′s. This clock is absolutely gorgeous.  It sounds on the 1/2 hour once and strikes out the hour.This is a smaller clock than most English Mantel clocks, but it is very much like new inside and out. It is about 9″ tall and 11″ wide and 4” deep. The silvered dial with Arabic numbers is in excellent shape and “Made in England” is written by the number six.  Nice sound and beautiful clock. It comes with the key and pendulum bob intact.  I oiled it and cleaned it and it looks and runs as it should.  I am selling it “as is”.Look at the pictures and you decide. This is a keeper. Good luck.Please buy with confidence.

To repair or “rebush” the holes in the plates we must disassemble the movement and place it in a variety of chemicals, which degreases and removes all the dirt. The wheels are then chucked up into a lathe and the end of the wheels, called the pivots, are inspected and then go through a series of polishing techniques to repair the surface of the pivots which have been scarred after years of turning in the holes. The movement is then reassembled and each hole is inspected to determine if installing a bushing for that hole is necessary. Once again the movement is taken apart. The worn holes are bored out and hardened brass bushings are driven into the plates to create a new and round surface for the pivots to fit into. All the holes are then fitted properly and oil sinks are cut into the bushings to insure for proper lubrication. Once again the movement goes through a series of cleaning and rinsing solutions and the movement is then reassembled and all functions are checked to make certain the clock is functioning as the manufacturer intended.

Does your clock need to be restored? Call us today.

Circa 1900: French Figural Bronze and Marble Mantel Clock. Signed by the artist.

This Gorgeous French Bronze Figural Mantel Clock is signed Aun Odessa Paris. It is an 8 day time and strike. The movement has been cleaned and oiled and tested and is in excellent running condition. This circa 1900 Antique French Statuary Mantel Clock is a wonderful example of French statuary by the famous French artist J. Guillot ( Anatole Jean Guillot 1865-1911). The statue is signed by the famous French sculptor.

Often this is the reply from a customer after I have told them, “Your clock shows wear and is in need of re-bushing.”

A clock is a machine and just like any machine, without regular maintenance, it will degrade over time. The basic construction of a clock movement consists of two brass plates supporting wheels that are turning in holes within the brass plates. When the manufacturer first made the movement, the holes drilled into the plates were perfectly circular. Over years, the friction caused by turning of wheels have worn away metal and the circular hole has become oval. The result of this wear-and-tear has now adversely effected the relationship of the wheels. As friction increases, the clock is being robbed of the energy it needs to run and the clock will stop or the striking of the clock will slow down and eventually stop. The movement is now considered “worn-out.” If this happens to your clock, it needs to be or overhauled or “re-bushed.”

If your clock is worn out, call the shop today to get an estimate: (630) 941-7516

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Keywords: clock, Mantel Clock

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The wheels are then chucked up into a lathe and the end of the wheels, called the pivots, are inspected and then go through a series of polishing techniques to repair the surface of the pivots which have been scarred after years of turning in the holes.