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By: Jon's Tinted Tails  09-12-2011
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Tinted Headlights is our newest product offering bringing the same look of tinted tails to the front of the car. They are applied with the same materials as our Stage 2 tinted tails but require several important additional steps during the prep process. The tint is applied on the outside of the lense eliminating the need to open the housings up. This will eliminate any chance of condensation build up or cracking the plastic housings. As always, we can make them whatever level of darkness you want however we only recommend a light or light/medium tint for daily drivers. Check our headlight photo gallery for pictures.

Stage 2 tinted tails is the current method we use and the one we recommend to everyone. Stage 2 tinted tails are protected with an automotive clearcoat that is sprayed on with a professional spray gun. The end result is a tail light that is permanent, waxable, and with a much improved finish than Stage 1 tint. We put alot of work into making the finish on each tail light we tint a smooth, dust free, glossy finish. Please remember that our work is not done with a spray can. Jon's Tinted Tails use's only the best PPG basecoats and clearcoats on all our work.

We also offer custom tinted tails. We have had requests in the past and you can see them in the photo gallery, where customers only want part of the tail light tinted. As an example, leaving the clear portion of the tail light untinted but tinting the rest of it. The end result is a very unique look that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Another way to customize your Stage 2 tails is to paint them in a particular color, like the color of your car. By using the paint color code from your car, we can color match your tails to the color of your car. By using a special mixtured paint, the tails will still be transparent allowing the light to shine through. Please Note: Custom tails cost more and are not available in a 3 day turnaround. Please contact us to inquire about custom tinting for your vehicle.

More and more of todays cars come with fender mounted side markers. Tinting them will blend them with the tail lights to give the car a more uniform and complete look. Tinted side markers are done in the same way as all of our other work.

Some cars have either bumper lights or just reflectors. In either case, they can be tinted. The process is the same as tail lights and side markers and completes the look.

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