Metal Mouldings (Moldings), Aluminum Moulding (Molding), Profiles, Special Shapes & Sections

By: Johnson Roll Forming  09-12-2011
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About Profiles, Mouldings (Moldings), Sections & Shapes

Unusual Cross -Sections & Forms come in an infinite variety of shapes as the existing tooling print examples we've given will show. It is impossible to single out any industry as the main user of these Roll Formed, Profiles, Mouldings (Moldings), and Shapes as all industries use them. The print Cross-Sectional examples shown, that we have existing tooling to produce, are by no means all we manufacture. There are many more that we cannot show as they are current customer proprietary information from our customers. Johnson Bros Metal Forming has tooling for well over 300 different parts that fall into this category that we either have existing tooling available for use on or are from proprietary tooling that our customers own and are not available for general use. Unlike Channels, it is not common to use tooling from one part to the next in this category as tooling is typically not adjustable. Slight modifications to existing tooling can be made and features such as Hemmed Edges can be performed with little or no extra die charges. Our Machines allow a typical maximum Height of parts to be 3" and widths of 15" maximum but smaller parts are very common.

How Profiles, Metal & Aluminum Mouldings (Moldings), Shapes, & Sections are Made

A Metal Moulding (Molding) is generally made from thinner materials than Profiles and Special Shapes. Mouldings are also made from Decorative Metal in many instances. Profiles can be from thinner metals but are usually considered more structural in nature. Special Shapes is a catch-all phrase that encompasses both Metal Profiles and Mouldings. Structural Shapes are common but can also be thinner and decorative.

Types of Metals: Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass & More

All metals are used in producing these parts, both Prefinished & Plain: Steel Moulding (Steel Molding),  Stainless Moulding (Stainless Molding),, Aluminum Moulding (Aluminum Molding), Brass, Copper, Alloys, High Strength, Bronze, Galvanized, Wire Cloth, Clad, & Perforated. Pre-Finished metals used are: Prepainted, Preplated, Preanodized, Prepolished, Prelaminated Vinyl, Embossed, Galvanized-(G30, G60, G90, G210, Electro, Bonderized), Aluminized, Galvanneal, Galvalume, Zincro, Prelaquered, Strippable PVC Coating, Primer Coated, and more. Our Thicknesses capacities are .003" through .125" thick. Small, thinner parts can be recoiled in plain and spiral wound coils as well as cut-to-length. These parts can also be made in ring form.

Alternate Terms for Profiles, Metal & Aluminum Mouldings (Moldings), Shapes, & Sections

Other terms for parts that fall into this category are: Rails, Trim, Slats, Tracks, Slides, Special Shaped Tubing, Flashings, Forms, Zees, Cees, Purlins, Gaskets, Panels, Reflectors, Posts, Stiffeners, Reinforcements, Brackets, Holders, Supports, Framing, Rings & Rims, Heat Transfer Plates, Fins, Busbars, Ducts, Lagging, Covers, Caps, Wireways, Scuffplates, Sections, Bars, Cable Trays, Hinging Profiles & Hinges, Strips, Trays, Plates, Diffusers, Frames, Blades, Edgings & Edges, and many more.

More Information on Profiles, Metal & Aluminum Mouldings (Moldings), Shapes, & Sections

Profiles, Mouldings (Moldings), and Special Shapes are frequently Post-Punched in the Flying Cutoff Die and Pre-Punched in our Prepunch presses. Our cutoff operation includes End Fabricating as well as accurate Cutting-to-Length along with other fabricating that in the past were always considered as part of the Prepunch operation. Gag Punching is accomplished in the Cutoff operation as well for unequal hole and other fabricating patterns and to give closer tolerances than would be accomplished in the Prepunch. The prepunched fabrications can have the areas around it stretched and that area can distort during the roll forming operation. Preventing distortion is a big reason to post-punch. Prepunching is used very often however when post punching cannot produce the required fabrication or post punching becomes a more expensive option. Prepunching can employ many different fabrications and patterns with gag punching as well. Our capacity on length is: 4" through 40ft. Accelerators (with servo drives) and Die Boosts allow for High Speed and High Accuracy in our Flying Pre & Post Press operations. Extremely thin and Foil parts can also be cut to length in-line with these systems. Our Press Controllers provide many different fabrications and patterns in the same die and more than one Pre or Post press can be used. Our flying die presses are generally pneumatic, hydraulic & mechanical from the highest quality builders. Our roll forming machines are modernized and kept in top condition with our preventative maintenance program and many have DC and High Speed drive systems. They are made by many of the highest quality roll forming machine builders such as Yoder, Tishken, and Dahlstrom.

Keywords: Fabricating, Metal Forming, roll forming

Other products and services from Johnson Roll Forming


C-Channels, Box Channel, Steel C Channel, Aluminum, and Stainless Channels

C-Channels are shown with the opening or gap on the side of the image whereas on a Box Channel and Open Seam-Square or Rectangular Tubing, the opening or gap is on the top or bottom side as seen in the image. Many different decorative pre-coated metals are generally not recommended when more than .030" thickness is required unless larger than normal corner radii can be used.


Hat Channels, Hat Channel Manufacturer

Hat Channels can also be described as a Roll Formed Metal U-Channel with a bottom horizontal web and 2 vertical legs with outward flanges. Close tolerances of Roll Formed Hat Channel dimensions are easier to reach as there is no Blind or Air Forming required to Roll Form them. Aptly named to reflect it?s hat like appearance, the Hat Channel is composed of two horizontal outward flanges and two vertical.


Z-Channel & Other Channels - Johnson Brothers Metal Forming Co

Purlins are typically Prefinished with Galvanized or another rust inhibiting coating and can be made in all metals, including Aluminum and Stainless Steel. For Zees with a small Web between the Legs, new dies may also be needed, although these dies are not as expensive as dies for Zees with longer Webs. When there are returns at the top of each leg tooling will usually need to be produced unless its for a size we already have dies made for.


U-Channel, J-Channel & Metal Channel :: Johnson Brothers :: Metal Forming Co

Some additional tooling costs may be required for: Special Corner Radii, Amco Bronze needed for highly polished stainless steel that is not allowed to be coated with a protective strippable PVC Covering, Legs bent more or less than 90 degrees, and other more sophisticated forming requirements.