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By: John Manlove  09-12-2011
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After 40 years in the advertising industry, we know what an effective marketing campaign looks like. It is more than mere gimmicks and catch phrases. It is more than a flashy social media profile. If you want to achieve lasting results, you need a clear plan, creative materials, and integrated media from an experienced ad agency in Houston. These concepts make up the three steps of our strategic process --- clarify, brand and reach --- and they are how we create influence for our clients.

The beauty of our creative marketing process is that it is simple, yet effective. The clarify step allows us to get on the same page with our clients, pinpointing their vision and business goals so we can meet and even exceed their expectations. The brand step involves taking that vision and making it a reality for your target market. Once we have identified what makes you and your products or services unique, all of our marketing materials are designed around that core concept, maximizing your appeal to your audience. Lastly, the reach step occurs when we broadcast that vision to the rest of the world, which, in our minds, is "the meaning of influence."

Since its creation in 1961, our company has seen numerous fads come and go from other Houston-based advertising firms. New technology is always on the horizon, and it can be all too easy to get swept up in a new marketing craze every week. We understand the importance of keeping up with the times, but we also recognize the value in tried-and-true methods of communication that never go out of style. Although we remain keenly aware of what's happening in the industry, we always incorporate any new methods or media back into our three-step process. That is what makes us a truly influential creative agency.


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Keywords: Ad Agency, Marketing