By: Jodi Functional Fitness  09-12-2011

Jodi's Services Physical activity and fitness in and of themselves can reduce the risks of coronary artery disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes.  Fitness gives each person a sense of well-being, grace, strength, and confidence.The first step is a consultation to determine what you need and want.  Then Jodi will prepare a guided, efficient path, developed exclusively for you, to increase your fitness level and decrease the wear and tear of daily life.  Your goals might include weight loss, improved posture, reduction of blood pressure or cholesterol, stress reduction and relaxation, or simply a desire to feel better.  You will have the advantage of the guidance of a seasoned professional rather than trying to follow a generic fitness program that may or may not be right for you — or walking into a gym and being overwhelmed by all that equipment!
Fitness Through Endurance, Strength, and FlexibilityThis includes: StretchingHatha YogaDeep Tissue MassageSwedish MassageAcupressureSports MassageTherapueutic Exercise