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It is far and wide that a wise man can easily emerge from a difficult situation, “and a wise man will never get into it. The same concerns about career planning. You should therefore k? Take care all the time, but it is select especially important if you are not satisfied by your work in that area to f?. signs f? R issues in your career A few decades could see a person that his / her profession is in danger, as it still no progress in office. Nowadays it is difficult to detect problems with your career and you should activate your attention the following characters: You can not pass Study

k, You

? ? to ckfallen with new skills to master F,

you do not regularly contribute strength to the success of your business;? You

no other places have to work. rst? M? You need to know your current position and then decide where you want m? To move. Then you have to determine your goals, and on your way up and all ideas that will help you to reach your target design. It means that you identify the goals of career and make a list of the collection. You should be controlling for? That there are certain restrictions in the career planning as there are several factors that are unpredictable.

you should have a complete analysis of your R skills?, Skills, knowledge and experience. Also find out you have what one? Rgernis or even the threat can be k? To achieve your goal. You have to determine all of your benefits in order to avoid these threats. There are four rules f r a successful career planning: You

m must expand your horizons?. It is necessary f r something new, as everything can be helpful in looking fwd to rts;? You

should trust your intuition and reject all the pessimists on the way, ;? you need m

bank to the best results, m you must believe in victory; And you should just all be seen in every kind of experience, in the negative .

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