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By: Jmcunningham  09-12-2011
Keywords: SQL Server, Network Monitoring

Available Solutions

The following list is a summary of the services I offer. I specialize in the areas where I have the most experience. 

If you have a different project in mind, contact me and we'll discuss your specific requirements.

Analysis of your existing environment; project definition; software, hardware or service ordering; project management; implementation; management of outside contractors or consultants; testing - all services we offer.  

I can implement new, upgrade or migrate your existing applications with the following solutions:

  1. VMware ESX or ESXi
  2. Microsoft Windows Server
  3. Microsoft Exchange Server
  4. Microsoft SQL Server
  5. Microsoft IIS Server
  6. Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  7. Microsoft Dynamics Financials - Great Plains
  8. Microsoft Small Business Server
  9. Pivotal Relationship CRM

One application running on one server ? Not necessarily the best way anymore. Leverage your existing hardware or maximize the ulilization of new servers by running multiple applications per server. The advantages in reduced power consumption and reduced cooling for your data center, will lower your operating costs and generate a measurable ROI.

Some of the additional benefits facilitated by moving to a virtualized environment are faster data backups with redundancy, enhanced disaster recovery, high availability and more secure data networks. 

Remote and on-site support is available to diagnose and resolve technical issues affecting your business. If you want the increased comfort level of knowing that help is available, or just want backup while your IT staff are on a training course, ill, or on vacation; we're available to assist you.  

Using a layered approach, we can upgrade the security of your existing network, servers, applications and desktops. Regardless of whether your concerns are unauthorized access from the internet or from internal users in your company, we can recommend and implement the solution that fits your requirements.

Is your internet connection working ? What about your critical business applications running on your servers ? Do you want to know when something stops working before your users start calling ?

We can implement a network monitoring solution that fits any size business. Then, we can monitor your network and alert you when there's an issue. Or, if you have your own IT staff, you can monitor your own systems.

If you have employees that need access to your network resources while away from the office, you need secure Virtual Private Network access to your site. Whether they're 'road warriors' out druming up sales and visiting clients or 'telecommuters' working from home, we can design and implement a secure, simple solution that will meet all your needs.

We offer clientless connectivity using state-of-the-art VPN technology. This means a totally secure, certificate-based connection without purchasing any special client software. You won't have to renew software licenses or train your users on how to use a connectivity application.

Do you have multiple locations or branch offices ? We can link them together, either through your existing internet connections or by adding new communication facilities.

Whether you need to move a server or a whole datacentre, we can make it happen - across the city or across the country. Temperature controlled trucks with air cushion suspension are available to reduce thermal shock and vibration damage to your equipment. Do you want to entrust your valuable electronics equipment to a moving company ?

Keywords: Network Monitoring, SQL Server