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By: Jlf Investments  09-12-2011
Keywords: asset allocation, Retirement plan

Investment Services
  • Asset Allocation & Portfolio Design
  • Retirement Plan Management
  • Investment Policy Design
  • Investment Oversight and Monitoring
  • Investment Research & Analysis
  • Investment Education
  • Special Projects

Fees are based on an hourly rate for consulting or on an annual percent of assets for managed portfolios. JLF Investments receives no commissions and is independent from any banks or brokerage companies.

Asset Allocation & Portfolio Design
Asset allocation is an investment strategy of investing money into different asset classes or categories such as stocks, bonds, international, money market, etc. given an investor's investment objectives, investment horizon, and tolerance for risk. The longer your investment horizon the more risk you as an investor can take by investing a larger percentage in stocks.

Asset allocation focuses on diversification, one asset class compensating for another asset class in varying economic periods of inflation, recession or deflation. Asset allocation is a way to design portfolios to accomplish investment goals with the least amount of risk for a given return target.

There is no guarantee that you can be protected from losses with any asset allocation or investment. Stocks, bonds, and other securities are volatile in the short run, producing negative returns in certain years; however, asset allocation is a diversified and sound investment discipline for reducing risk and likely achieving long-term expected returns.

Portfolios are comprised of mutual funds and/or individual stock and bond securities according to overall investment objectives and portfolio size. JLF Investments manages portfolios in a comprehensive manner taking into account the trade off between costs and benefits and favors undervalued securities with attractive growth prospects.

Each client's account is placed in custody with a bank, mutual fund company, or a NYSE member firm depending on a client's particular needs. JLF Investments does not retain custody of your assets; the separation of custody, accounting, and investment decisions promotes sound checks and balances for each client.

Clients receive quarterly reports detailing account holdings, transactions, and performance.

Keywords: asset allocation, Retirement plan