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By: Jinma Energetics  09-12-2011
Keywords: nervous system, Central Nervous System

      $450.00 if preregistered 10 days in advance

In this workshop you will learn how to energetically test yourself and others. You will learn if your bodies are strong or weak to any given issue, and you will learn to apply an energetic correction in order to remove blockages or to strengthen weaknesses. You will learn how the central nervous system, the lymph system and the spinal column play a vital part in eliminating pain from the body. You will also learn how things like your mental state, your spiritual beliefs, and past lives can either positively or negatively impact our lives. There is lots of time to practise on others, and it is 2 days of learning, healing and fun. Level 2 Workshops:   
        $550.00 at the door, 2 day session (9:00-5:00)  

        $450.00 if preregistered 10 days in advance
This level introduces how everything and anything is connected, multidimensional and universal theories and has an overview of how to muscle test to see if we are strong or weak to any given issue. You will work on physical aches, pains, and learn how to reduce inflammation by learning more about the lymphatic and the central nervous system and the brain, understanding how our thought processes can make things either difficult or easy depending on our belief systems. You will learn the protocol to treat indigestion, respiratory and allergies to provide on the spot relief. You learn what questions to ask your client, and how to get to the root of the problem by asking these questions and listening to their answers. Some shortcuts are taught here to make doing a Yuen session faster and more effective.

Level 3 Workshops:    
         $550.00 at the door, 2 day session (9:00-5:00)  
 $450.00 if preregistered 10 days in advance
In Level Three you use more intuition than muscle testing, this of course is dependant on the development and confidence of the students. You learn that weight loss is a multifaceted and has many levels of clearing that are required. Gaining a basic understanding of how to obtain maximum health and for reversing aging is a real benefit for the students and their clients. Learning how you can work on children, babies and pregnant women to dissolve a lot of upcoming issues before they even happen. The prosperity consciousness section and the relationship section are of benefit to all not only at both a personal and professional levels, but can also be applied to your clients. This level just helps make life BETTER on all levels of our being!If you are taking any level for the second time it is $300.00 at the door, or $250.00 if preregistered 10 days in advance. If you have taken your levels twice and are ready to intern for any classes, please feel free to contact me.  If you have any questions, please call:
If I am not able to take your call leave a message and I will get back to you.

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DISCLAIMER: Yuen Method™ makes no claims of treatment or cures of symptoms, conditions, or diseases. Yuen Method™ may or may not facilitate your healing process. Consult your physician for treatment and diagnosis.

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Keywords: Central Nervous System, nervous system