We develop, upgrade, maintain and support web-based applications and database-driven website's

By: Jinex Web  09-12-2011
Keywords: search engine

We can help you to:

  • Maintain , extend and improve existing databases, software or web applications.
  • Rebuild existing systems using modern technologies and approaches, creating more reliable and flexible solutions.
  • Migrate existing processes handled on paper or by utilizing a combination of MS Word, MS Excel files, Microsoft Access databases and other specific desktop packages into one integrated web-based application.
  • Build new systems from scratch.

We can increase your turnover, profit margins and competitiveness by:

  • Improving the efficiency of your operation. By  automating  mundane tasks we let you get more work done and release your staff for more creative work.
  • Improving sales process and customer services: Making information about your products and services more accessible.
  • Creating unique web-based products and services by utilizing the Internet, and other modern technologies.

What kind of systems do we develop? - It is difficult to classify and put any particular application into one category but the applications normally contain the features of systems that can be classified as:

  • Resource Management: Time/expense tracking by user/activity/project.
  • Time management and planning: e.g. appointment booking, staff availability roster.
  • Document/Digital Assets Management : Business documents or any other files used in marketing or operations need to be stored, easily accessed/searched and cross linked, and access can be organized according to client/project and staff roles. Document version.
  • Financial: Generating invoices and purchasing orders, tracking expenses. Calculating profit and loss for a particular project, job or client.
  • Data Processing: That's what computers were designed for: to generate a desired output based on particular input data. For some applications the core functionality is delivering processed data using a proprietary process or formula. (Examples from our projects would include calculation of risk value based on questions and answers (online medical screening application) or calculating color correction parameters for web-based color correction service for commercial printers.)
  • Interactive portals and transactional website's.
  • Knowledge Management and Collaboration Environments. This is where information is stored in a more accessible way (improved search and browsing facilities, document versioning); team work (access rights/versioning) is facilitated
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) and Business-to-business (B2B) E-commerce systems: We are particularly experienced in working/improving the following areas:
    • Helping users to find what they want (search and navigation).
    • Checkout process and shopping cart usability.
    • User personalization - delivering results based on user preferences, either expressed or calculated using web metrics.
    • Search engine friendliness (static URL's, internal linking and other Search Engine Optimization aspects).
  • Web content management:  often stands as distinguished commonly used application. Whether it is just a small information site or a portal with thousands of pages and user-generated content (user accounts), a usable browser-based tool for maintaining the site by content authors can be indispensable.
  • Website design / development A clean interface similar to this site. Unambiguous navigation. User-centric content. Simplicity and usability of interactive features. Designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind.

Keywords: search engine