A Good Year By Debbie Friedman

By: Jewish Store  09-12-2011

Shanah Tovah : A Good Year

By Debbie Friedman

Cycle through the Jewish year with Debbie in this fun loving Parents' Choice Approved children's recording of 13 original English songs. Hebrew words and symbols appropriate to the holidays are introduced in Debbie's entertaining style, with catchy, easy to learn melodies. Music and lyrics for all songs (except the Tu Bishvat Song and The 613 Commandments) were originally created for HOME START, published by Behrman House Inc.

  1. Shanah Tovah: A Good Year
  2. These Are The Days (of Awe)
  3. A Day Called Yom Kippur
  4. When We March on Simchat Torah
  5. The Dreidel Song
  6. Light The Menorah
  7. Purim Game
  8. Seder Table
  9. I Am The Afikomen
  10. The 613 Commandments
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