By: Jet Letter  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Direct Mail

VDP is a generic term describing the ability to customize direct mail pieces for specific recipients. A simple example is the Mail Merge capability in most word processors to insert name and address fields in letters 

As customization of marketing pieces proved effective in the conversion of customers to the call to action, it's use has expanded as well as its sophistication. Once marketers understand the capability of VDP solutions, they are only limited by their imaginations and tools their Driect Mail shops employ to deliver the mail pieces.

This topic is called

or Promotional Marketing where several examples are provided on this page and sub pages.

Sophisticated utilization of VDP is evident in utility bills, insurance policies, invoices and the like. A database drives the print process to where each piece is unique even from sheet to sheet. This process is called


The critical concept (that PSL delivers) is that the variables involved are more sophisticated than placing variable text on a template. The variables include in part: fonts, font sizes, images (either based on logic or in the merge data, or other tables), colors of fonts, box sizes, backgrounds, borders, box geometry, patterns and more. Every single sheet printed can be completely different from the others!

This example illustrates that a variable can be part of an image as in the text on the whiteboard.

Keywords: Direct Mail, Marketing

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Web Services

Jet Letter has positioned itself in this web based arena based upon the solid image preparation and rapid database merge performance to support many of these online requirements going forward. The most basic need to is to have several development centers send prroduction requests to Print Service Providers who have spercific printing capability.



VDP solutions are ideal for constructing them because font size, line width and other parameters can cater to the number of entries in the data file to format the result to a single page. These examples show three variations of the "Visa Invoice" project where the middle example does not have space for the transpromotional piece.



Another aspect of the merge speed is that the entire job can be tested ahead of time to weed out and correct any print problems without having to re-run the project, tieing up expensive printer and time resources. This reduces project completion times and keeps valuable printer resources busy, enhancing ROI on those assets.