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By: Jesse Cant Draw  09-12-2011
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Ok, so we shot this way back in August and to be perfectly honest I’m not the most proud person…. I hate pretty much everything “creative” I do… at least the first time around. We shot it last summer, I was editing in the begining in the fall and it’s been on “the interwebs” for about 4 months or so. This was my first attempt at cinematography and editing, it’s not really finished, but this is probably how it will remain for the next while. Keep it real, stay classy, keep your stick on the ice? It’s called ‘Edgars Epilogue’

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It’s finally September and Photo season should be slowing down. Well, not as much as expected, there’s still a lot of editing to do, and Carey keeps getting steady bookings so, lets say maybe November. In the mean time between shoots I’ll find a way to put up a little progress every 8 to 10 days.

So starting in reverse chronological order here’s the latest video Carey and I put together. We spent a couple hours last Tuesday doing a photo shoot for Ashley Turlock, a local fitness model and winner of the Miss Planet Beach Edmonton competition. While on location we recorded a promo video for entry in this years International Miss Planet Beach competition, take a look.

For the video/photo/gear nerds – This was almost solely shot with a still camera, the Nikon 90 DSLR and also a bit with the aging Panasonic HVX HD cam with a little audio gear.

Special Thanks to DJ Nitro from the music, you can check out more of his stuff at

Until next week,


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Notice the shortage of awful Micheal Bay shots in this one. No absurd pans and twists, must mean I’m developing taste… sweet. Anyway, Carey and had a lot of fun cutting this together, we’re both improving as editors and it’s showing.

Anyway, gotta love hotal Mac weddings, I’ve only done two there but they’ve been two of the best ones. The deco, the venue the couple, the food, the wedding party… everything was really good. Oh yeah the DJ was pretty good too, there wasn’t too much modern pop coming out of the speakers, I really wanted to stay at the end enjoy the dance. I’ll stop now, lets just it was fun. Enjoy the video.

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It’s been 3 family sessions, a corporate, a wedding, a couple and a pregnancy shoot since my last entry… I never fail to find excuses for not keeping up with my blog. Here’s the latest video of the Beeston family shot about a week ago. This time, I avoided any auto settings and tried to focus on getting a shallow depth of field (no pun intended). Anyway, half the time it really worked, the other half the Beestons would be blurry… uh oh. No worries, the footage has been getting better with every shoot. Every editing session is scheduled for 3 hours and ends up doubling that, so Carey and I are really beginning learn what works and what doesn’t.We finally went for an old film look with this one. This is a pretty good Wonder Years rip off so I hope you like it.


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It’s been a few weeks since the last post, I’ve been pretty busy with Carey’s shoots and haven’t had much time to get these videos out as fresh as they should be. I got pretty video focused on this one and I don’t think I took more than two stills… I’ve really got to work on that. Anyway, I did do nearly all the video and a large chunk of the video editing here. Things are coming alone. I even remembered to clean the lens this time.

Keep checking back, I think I’m finally going to write up my about me page… I was thinking of telling my story of how I ended up with these kinds of art forms… there were a few events that kind of led up to becoming a photographer and now seemingly a videographer. Anyway, more on that later. Comment on the clip. Any feedback would be appreciated… I’m still learning gang, anything would help.


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Went out for another shoot with Carey yesterday and had a lot of fun. Like last time I focused on video and I’m begining to improve both my composition and editing skills. Carey and I finally have developed our flow a bit with editing and were able to cut this together pretty quick without compromise. It’s always great working with Carey, we started shooting in a few tight areas and with some creative use of light we grabbed some cool stills. Anyhoo, I was learnt a lot again about light and style yesterday, it’s coming along.

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So, that was a nice spring and summer, I would have hoped it could have lasted longer but I’ll take what I can get. Maybe I’ll just live somewhere warm next year. Anyway, with my brother Carey as a resource, I’ve been dabbling more with off camera flash and light modification, it’s crazy what you can do with lights outside on a bright day.

This video below is from a few days ago, Carey brought me out to primarily assist and work with the video camera.

Here are just a few random shots from the last month, there are a few acompanying videos but I’ll post those tomorrow. Anyway, feel free to tell me how awesome I am.

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This was my first attempt at cinematography and editing, it’s not really finished, but this is probably how it will remain for the next while. We shot it last summer, I was editing in the begining in the fall and it’s been on “the interwebs” for about 4 months or so. This was just one of those instances where I had to salvage a shot I would normally have deleted.


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Yes, it has been literally months since my last post, I’ve had my web design hat on for a while, but I’m still shooting, and will be like crazy in the coming months so stay tuned. Being a completely new kind of shoot, I was a little out of my comfort zone but, I think I’ve gotten the hang of it. These are some shots of a luxury condo downtown Edmonton, this was my first attempt at architecture photo jazz.