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New Sage ERP Accpac version 6.0 

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                    25 REASONS TO CHOOSE 

1. One unified solution on which to build your business enabling more efficient processing, more productive people, management of your entire customer lifecycle and the ability to gain real insight into the business.

2. SMB-centric: specifically designed to meet the business management requirements of small-to-mid-sized organizations or divisions of larger companies.

3. Integration-ready out-of-the-box: integrates quickly and cost-effectively with third party applications through secure, standards-based web services APIs.

4. Full-suite CRM included: exceptional functional breadth and depth across sales, marketing and customer service.

5. Modular: deploy as needed within your organization and add modules as your business grows.

6. Easy-to-use: intuitive interfaces and quick start guides, ensure user adoption and productivity from day one.

7. User customizable: personalization capabilities provide users with instant access to the exact information they need in a format that makes sense to them.

8. Easy to deploy and maintain: fully web-architected Sage ERP Accpac can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively on-demand (hosted) or on-premise, and over multiple locations where required.

9. Flexible deployment choice: move from on-premise to on-demand or vice versa as business requirements change.

10. Delivers straight-through processing: reduces or removes the need to re-key and re-verify information as it passes between front-office to back-office environments.

11. Superior Architecture: flexible & scalable - grows with your business - 100, 200 and 500 Editions to scale painlessly and cost-effectively with company growth.

12. Low cost: provides a low TCO for companies regardless of complexity, scale or deployment requirements.

13. Based on a simplified technology platform offering freedom of choice when it comes to server and user operating systems, as well as databases.

14. Internationally supported: supported by a large global network of Sage regional operations and certified business partners.

15. Multiple languages available (5 out of the box) and language is selected by user.

16. Compliance with multiple legislations and accounting practices enable managing global business within one system.

17. Full sub-ledger support of multiple currencies.

18. Sophisticated inter-company and consolidation processing simplifies transactions between business entities.

19. Vertical-ready: supported by a global network of development partners with deep regional and industry-specific expertise.

20. Process automation ready: out-of-the-box, Sage ERP Accpac provides extensive business process automation across the entire organization and can be quickly adapted to capture new processes or modify existing ones.

21. Business performance-centric: provides a comprehensive suite of business intelligence, user-customizable snapshots, reports and alerts messaging to ensure real-time visibility on key performance indicators and other commercially significant trends.

22. A collaborate ecosystem of business partners helps our customers thrive.

23. Cost saving efficiencies in your warehouse as well as the integration of your global supply chains

24. Powerful project and services management provides true accountability from a central point to help you manage the resources, products, and services your business offers.

25. Proven, Reliable, Experienced.

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Sage Accpac ERP version 6.0