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By: Jensens Sf  09-12-2011

* Ask about prices for high volumes.

We are specialists in copying for the legal profession.

Special papers: 
Colored -- add $0.05 per page
Card stock -- add $0.10 per page. 
Resume stock -- add $0.20 per page. (Resume envelopes available, too.)

And, of course, if you need your copies bound, we can do that, too. We also stock transparency sheets if you need to project your presentation with an overhead projector.

We also offer full-service copying. Operator-assisted copy charge: $35 per hour.

In San Francisco, there are many home-based businesses as well as consumers buying and selling merchandise on the Web. One of the important decisions you need to make is whether to use your home address as your receiving address. Because of the many advantages, private mailboxes are more popular than ever. The advantages of a private mailbox at Jensen's for individuals include: 

We accept your packages from all four major carriers (UPS, FedEx, US Mail, DHL/Airborne). As you may know, P.O. Boxes can not accept FedEx, UPS or DHL/Airborne packages. 
If your box fills up, we have systems in place to store the excess mail until you come in to pick up your could call our mailboxes "expandable mailboxes".
We can accept CODs for you by prior arrangement.
We have a free "call-in service", to check if you have mail or if that important package has arrived.
Whether it is a long vacation in Palm Springs or a business trip to Tokyo, Jensen's can forward mail to out- of- town travelers, all you need to do is contact us and let us know where and when to forward your mail.
Your packages will not be left unattended on your porch. There is always someone to sign for your package at Jensen's, and the packages are held for you in a safe, secure setting. There is no need to stand in long lines at the Post Office waiting to get your packages or mail.
Incidents of mail theft from home mail boxes and mail collection boxes continue to rise. Some thefts include the removal of entire collection boxes! Identity thieves harvest personal information from credit card bills and other mail, costing Americans millions of dollars in lost time and actual monetary losses. You can minimize your chances of being a victim of identity theftwith a private mailbox at Jensen's Mail & Copy. The mailboxes are monitored to avoid theft of the mail.
Your mail is private, only you have the key, and in cases where you forget your key, with proper ID, you can still receive your mail. 

For those using a private mailbox for their businesses, additional benefits include:

Who uses private mailboxes?

Private mailboxes are used by Internet shoppers and sellers, frequent travelers -- including sales representatives for businesses, home-based businesses, entertainers and public figures who don't want to reveal their home address, personal ad respondents, divorcees, people living in roommate situations, etc.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011