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By: Jennic  09-12-2011
Keywords: Home Automation, Wireless Networking, Mesh Networking

Our ZigBee PRO protocol stack provides a complete software solution, offering mesh networking capability and product-level interoperability, for applications in the areas of Smart Energy (SE), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Commercial Building Automation (CBA) and Home Automation (HA).

Supported on the JN5148 wireless microcontroller, our ZigBee PRO solution offers world-class performance. The lowest power consumption, the highest processing capability through the 32-bit RISC CPU at its core and the largest on-chip memory footprint of any single-chip implementation enable the solution to support the most demanding of applications.

The ZigBee PRO protocol stack on the JN5148 provides a ZigBee Compliant Platform (ZCP) as certified by the ZigBee Alliance, enabling users to quickly and easily develop products that can achieve ZigBee Certified Product status.

The solution can be configured to support either embedded or co-processor architectures, as required by the end application. 

Embedded Architecture

In this architecture the JN5148 acts as a standalone processor, running both the ZigBee wireless networking stack and the user application.

Features and Benefits

  • Single-chip implementation
  • Lowest-cost solution for applications - end points and routers
  • Full access to the on-chip user peripherals
  • Direct interface into the ZigBee PRO stack
  • Most flexible approach for applications development

Co-Processor Architecture

In this architecture, the JN5148 acts as a co-processor to an existing system processor, managing all of the ZigBee-specific wireless networking tasks.

Features and Benefits

  • Easiest method of adding ZigBee PRO functionality to existing applications
  • Co-processor manages all ZigBee PRO and profile functionality, placing zero overhead on the system processor
  • Simple serial interface between co-processor and existing system processor
  • Approach provides minimum time to market

Offered with the ever-popular Eclipse IDE, and with simple ‘C’ based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for communicating to the ZigBee PRO protocol stack and to the JN5148 on-chip peripherals, the solution enables developers to rapidly evaluate the technology and develop products.

Reference designs, including a home automation system containing smart meter and in-home display, are available.

Keywords: Advanced Metering, Home Automation, Memory Footprint, Mesh Networking, Wireless Networking,

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