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Durable, high quality synthetic rubber gaskets engineered to retain their flexibility even in the harshest North American climates guarantee the EVOLUTION SERIES triple seal protection. Co-extruded as integral components of the window frame, these gaskets will not stretch or shrink, yet are completely replaceable in the event of accidental damage.

Every home is unique. That's why EVOLUTION SERIES window systems are engineered to accept a wide range of hardware including single and dual arm operators and the most advanced multi-point locking systems. The profiles offer the flexibility of double and triple pane glass. The choice is yours!

dual arm operators and multi-point locking systems

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Energy Efficient Glass = Savings

EVOLUTION SERIES windows are engineered to last and last. Energy saving features make them even more affordable!

1. Low E glass is unique because of an almost invisible metallic coating that reduces heat transfer - keeping warm air during the winter and hot air out during the summer. Low E glass saves your draperies and furniture by blocking the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays.

2. Low Conductivity Argon Gas pumped into the space inside the sealed thermopane increases the insulation value of the window.

3. Non Conductive Spacers separate each pane of glass and increase the thermopane edge temperature, reducing the risk of condensation, a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms.

ENERGY STAR® qualified windows, doors and skylights will save you money by reducing your energy costs up to 12 percent. Not only that, they'll help keep your home comfortable all year-round, reduce outside noise, and, depending on the amount of humidity in your home, will have a lot less condensation in cold weather.

1. Canada has been divided into four climate zones.

2. The climate zones for which a window, door or skylight is ENERGY STAR qualified will be shown on a label or on its sales literature.3. Simply choose a product model that is qualified for the climate zone that you live in. If all of the original windows and doors in an average older home were replaced by ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors, the household energy consumption would be reduced by about 7 percent, which would save three quarters of a tonne of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions annually. If ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors and skylights where installed in an average new home instead of conventional products, energy consumption would be reduced by about 12 percent. Many products will qualify for more than one zone in Canada. The more zones a product qualifies for, the more energy efficient it is. So, if you buy a product that is qualified for one or more zones that are colder than where you live, you can save even more on your energy costs. “Sill to Sash,” a consumer video guide  to buying energy efficient windows and doors, is available on the Web site of the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association.

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