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By: Jdb Enterprises  09-12-2011
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 J.D.B. Enterprises provides on-site as well as off-site support services for our customers. Our service offerings are focused on providing our customers with the best value for certified and experienced service.

J.D.B. Enterprises offers Project Management support. We can assist and co-ordinate all phases of a project, from finding the right solution to implementation. Our experience and expertise will help to assure that all issues with installation, training and budget handled.

J.D.B. Enterprises can be the IT staff for those customers who don’t require a full-time IT staff or just need desktop support with occasional higher end services. Training and maintaining a full-time IT staff can be a full-time position and very expensive. J.D.B. Enterprises will work with your existing staff, help you build a staff or just fill in as your staff.

J.D.B. Enterprises will examine your company’s wants and needs to design the best network for you. The key to any good network is the design. There are many different types of network structures, topologies and protocols.

Network Installation

J.D.B. Enterprises offers complete installation of solutions for your Data / Telecom network needs.


    Certified cabling for Data and Telecom use.

Network Server Hardware and Software

    Installation, Administration and upgrades of Microsoft, Apple, Novell and Unix Servers.

    IBM, HP, Compaq, Apple, Dell and White Box Servers.

    AS/400 Integration and administration.

Network Hardware (Installation and maintenance)

    Routers (Cisco, Netopia, Intel, 3Com, D-Link, Bay Networks, etc.)

    Switches and Hubs (HP, Netopia, Intel, Ascend, D-Link, Netgear, 3Com, etc.)

    Printers (Laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix)

    Scanners and Copiers

    UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems


    Installation and upgrades for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Client Workstations.

    Including Desktops, Laptops and PDA’s.

Disaster Recovery Services

J.D.B. Enterprises can help you plan and implement a system for disaster recovery. We can assist you in plans including tape backup, off-site backup (internet or remote site), single and multiple office solutions. We can even supply assistance in the restoration and/or relocation of your network after a disaster.

 Wireless Networks

J.D.B. Enterprises has experience installing 802.11a and 802.11b wireless networks.  We have solutions for both Mac and Windows clients. We even have solutions for those security problems associated with wireless technology.

Remote Access

J.D.B. Enterprises can implement and install a variety of solutions for remote uses and offices.

     VPN – Virtual Private Network. We can use various types of VPNs.

                  Hardware based solutions such as Routers, Concentrators and Radial servers.

                  Software based such as PPP, PPTP, Secure Web, IPSec, RAS.

     Secure dial-up servers.

     Weuse products from Cisco, Netopia, HP, Symantic, Citrix, Checkpoint


J.D.B. Enterprises understands to need for security on today’s business networks. We will examine all security issues including passwords, network access, workstation access. Our services include Firewalls, E-mail protection, Virus protection, Intrusion detection and protection from Hacking.

J.D.B. Enterprises offers the following internet related services:

      Internet Access – Dial-up, Broadband (DSL, Cable), Frame Relay, T1 Dedicated

      E-mail and Web Servers – On-site on your servers or hosted.

            Microsoft Exchange, Domino R5 (Lotus Notes), Sendmail (Unix, Apple), POP3 e-mail

            Apache Web Server, Microsoft Internet Information Servers, WebSphere, FrontPage, Netscape

     Web Site design and creation.

     Web based intranet creation.

     Domain Registration assistance and DNS.

     Local and long Distance (Dedicated and switched) phone service

     T1 / Frame Relay / VoIP

     Integrated multi location phone systems. (One common phone system for multiple offices in different locations)    

J.D.B. Enterprises along with our partners and affiliates offer custom software solutions for your company.

These solutions have included single interfaces to multiple software packages.

Including: Accounting, Docketing, Time Management to special software for billing compliance.


Keywords: microsoft, Network, Servers