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By: Jda  09-12-2011

JDA has enabled many top aerospace and defense (A&D) businesses and government agencies to better plan and deliver on customer commitments at lower costs and with increased effectiveness. JDA’s Contract Manufacturing solutions provide world-class capabilities to organizations involved in building or maintaining equipment for A&D contracts.

Transform your business by using JDA solutions to:

  • Plan material requirements pegged to specific contracts, and evaluate capacity constraints
  • Track actual costs and labor hours, as well as control financial accounting
  • Repair assets returned for maintenance
  • Automate and control purchasing activities

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Some of these factors include increasingly demanding customers and end consumers, multiple channels, frequent promotions, fluctuating pricing strategy requirements, shortened product lifecycles and expanding product options — whether for expanding retail assortments or for expanding configuration options in discrete manufacturing.


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Globalization and multi-channel selling has made it more difficult for companies to determine how the order fulfillment process will impact their long-term corporate goals and bottom-line profits. With JDA's Customer Order Management solutions, companies can maximize inventory productivity by tracking their global orders in real time. Match supply and demand across online and traditional sales channels in real time.


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The classic demand chain begins with the customer and extends from the point of sale back to the retailer's distribution center, whereas the classic supply chain begins with the raw material suppliers and extends down through the distribution network.