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By: Jd & Son  09-12-2011
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JD and Son can handle many types of cleaning problems that may come up in your home or office as you can read below.Rug and Upholstery Cleaning
"Soiling" is a build-up of soil particles and oily materials that cling to the rug and carpet fibers and dull their beauty. In time, foot traffic drives the soil particles deep into the carpet. When this condition cannot be corrected with vacuuming, it's time for carpet cleaning by a trained professional. Tile Cleaning
Ceramics are inorganic, non-metallic materials that have been subjected to heat treatment. Tiles used in the home are set in a thin plaster-like substance called grout. Glazed tile should be treated like porcelain enamel. Avoid using harsh abrasive powders, which will scratch the finish. Occasional bleaching will clean the grout. A power scrubber is usually the only option.

Carpet Repair
Depending of stains and wear, carpet may need to be replaced every five to ten years or soobviously carpet in less-traveled or less heavily used rooms will show less wear than carpet that is on a direct path from the living room to the kitchen. As you will see in the following information, some repairs are considerably easier to make than others and thats what we want to do for you. Leather Cleaning
Cleaning leather is a dangerous game. Cleaning can change the color or appearance of the leather. Always test the cleaning on a small invisible patch of leather before proceeding on the whole item. Thats why when you clean leather, go with a professional who knows what they are doing. Please contact us NOW if you need our services. You can or call us at (520)-568-3052 and we will schedule you for an appointment or answer any other questions you may have.

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