RailDev.com: Remanufactured Switch Machines

By: Jaychris Indus-rail Supply  09-12-2011

RDG has the largest Switch Machine remanufacturing facility in North America. Our inventory of Switch Machines cores is in excess of 120 units, allowing RDG to fill orders for nearly every configuration of Switch Machine.

Scope of Work:

  • All units are closly inspected
  • Machines are completely disassembled and inspected for worn, damaged and defective parts
  • All parts are degreased, sand blasted and cleaned
  • Each part is then primed with zinc chromate primer and urethane topcoat.
  • All components in the machine are then completely remanufactured to current specifications
  • Machines are adjusted to OEM specifications, lubricated and tested under load
  • All machines are painted to customer's specifications and packed in an enclosed wooden crate for shipping

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Re·man·u·fac·ture - v., the act of taking an inoperable product, completely overhauling it with new components and ultimately turning out a piece of machinery that performs like new. RDG ensures that the buyer never sacrifices quality in exchange for purchasing remanufactured equipment. The act of recalibrating the inner components of a machine until it regains function. We remanufacture signal products to better-than-new condition.


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RDG's focus has always been on providing "like new" products at afraction of the cost of new, allowing you to pay a lot less for the industry's best. Most noteable among its distinctions is RDG's commitment to the remanufacturing of its products, versus simply repairing them. At a time when cutting costs is a primary concern, remanufactured products constitute a wise investment.