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By: Jas Document Solutions  09-12-2011
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Why use a Service Bureau?

JAS' file scanning can take your existing paper records and add them to a versatile file management system. Converting your own existing files into a format that is easy to read and simple to retrieve will take time from providing top customer service to your customers. Using a service bureau will take that burden and turn it into an asset. Think of us as your electronic filing clerks.

Converting paper documents to computer media involves more than just running them through a scanner and possibly OCR software. In fact, it is very beneficial to decide beforehand how the converted content will be used, since that determines the scope of the conversion process and the format the information should be converted to.

Why use JAS Document Solutions?

JAS Document Solutions provides a free evaluation of your situation. JAS works with you to understand your needs and provide a customized solution that is best for you based on your strategy and budget. JAS is the service provider for customers looking to improve on their costly, manual filing systems. We specialize in digitizing your documents for faster retrieval, increased control, cost reduction, safer storage, and space savings. Your documents can be stored on CD or optical media, RAID drives, or even online for a completely secure method of delivering knowledge and information anywhere in the world by a few simple keystrokes.

At JAS Document Solutions, we help you analyze your needs and work with you to determine the most cost-effective and beneficial scope of conversion for your particular requirements. That's the difference. We're not just a scanning house. We understand the importance of workflow management and optimization, and how it affects long-term productivity and cost savings - and we bring to the table this expertise along with our technical knowledge and experience with paper-to-computer conversion technologies. You will be working with an American company, headquartered in Denton County, TX, with comprehensive local conversion facilities.

Service Quality

Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide professional, cost-effective and knowledgeable service, including:

  • Very reasonable rates
  • No minimum required quantity or charge
  • Rapid turn-around
  • No charge for job evaluation

    The Paper Process

  • Each file requires an index (how you search for your document): Name, Date, Service, etc.
  • During the active life of a file, each file requires a place to reside.
  • Paper files are generally stored in cabinets, steel shelves, or expensive track filing systems.
  • Filing clerks are needed to file, find, copy and shuffle paper all day.
  • At the end of the "active life", paper files must be removed manually, purged, and archived. Clearly, paper files require costly maintenance to retrieve, re-file, copy, fax, and find. Lost or misplaced files are always a serious problem. Older files require thinning, archiving, or replacement. Office space to warehouse paper can be very expensive. Perhaps most importantly, a fire or flood can be an unrecoverable disaster if your files are on paper.

    The Electronic Process

  • Each file requires an index (how you search for your document): Name, Date, Service, etc.
  • Reduce the labor costs involved in processing files.
  • Search for and retrieve any electronic file in an instant.
  • Never lose another file again. It's always where you left it.
  • Recover all that filing and storage area for productive business use.
  • Easily store back-up copies of all your files in a safe location and rest easy.

    Storing your Files: It all begins with the conversion of your files into digital format. Accessing your Files from CD or Other Media: Once your files are computerized, accessing them is easier than ever before. Accessing your Files On-Line: Any Document.. Anywhere..Anytime.. For the ultimate in security and enterprise-wide access.


    We will be glad to sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement that you may require.

    Give us a call or enter a contact request. You will find us to be knowledgeable, cost-effective, and very easy to work with.

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