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By: Jaroff  09-12-2011
Keywords: Design Consulting, Architectural Metal, Glass Fabrication

Jaroff Design

Original Design
Jaroff Design offers the opportunity to commission original work by Joseph Jaroff, whether as lead designer for an entire project, for an aspect of an architectural project or for a site-specific sculpture. Joe personally works with each client to discover the aesthetics and goals for the commission. This ongoing creative exchange ensures a finished work that fulfills the desired aspirations of the client and represents a unique artistic vision for each project.

Design Consulting & Development
Jaroff Design serves as project designer and manager for metal and glass components within an overall project, taking designs from vague sketches to engineered solutions, detailed drawings, material selections, and custom metal and glass fabrication. Jaroff Design also coordinates the project’s realization, from production to installation, interfacing with all involved parties to ensure smooth and successful completion. In a problem-solving capacity, Jaroff Design steps in when unforeseen complications arise, specializing in complex issues relating to joining, finishing and fabrication. Finally, as experts in green building strategies, Jaroff Design evaluates all projects to identify potential energy-saving, energy-producing and environmentally-beneficial opportunities that could be accessed by the strategic use of architectural metal and glass.

While Jaroff Design generally advises and manages multiple aspects of a given project, we can also provide targeted consulting in the following areas:

  • Feasibility Studies
    Our years of experience make us a natural choice for evaluating the technical or fiscal feasibility of complex ideas relying on custom metal or glass fabrication.
  • Green Design Consulting
    Keeping our eyes on the future, Jaroff Design offers green design consulting, whether for projects at the earliest design phase or to guide upgrades for existing structures. New technologies and material options, particularly Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) glass systems, can be used in a wide range of applications to make projects more energy efficient, even energy independent. As part of this service, Jaroff Design also identifies funding opportunities and tax incentives that can help make these sustainable design alternatives not just environmentally responsible, but fiscally beneficial as well.
  • Selection & Testing of Materials and Finishes
    With our in-depth knowledge of materials and finishes, we are able to determine the best material choices for a project, including possibilities not known to those less familiar with the newest innovations in architectural metal and glass or options with untapped energy-saving benefits not previously considered. New material applications can be tested for wind, abrasion, load, seismic action, ultra violet light, delaminating, premature aging, salt and chemical reactions and solar energy production, to name a few.
  • Budgeting, Estimating & Value Engineering
    Having an honest estimate and realistic budget goal is the best way to ensure a stress-free building venture. Jaroff Design’s expertise allows us to give you line by line costs, as well as built-in alternates that can be incorporated into the budgeting plan. Benefiting from years of experience with cutting-edge materials, Jaroff Design’s value-engineering services allow clients to realize their design criteria while remaining within budget, and our cost-benefit analyses for sustainable building options help clients evaluate the benefits of investing in energy-saving alternatives.
  • Shop Drawings & Detailing
    By using material experts for drawings and detailing at the outset, many would-be problems associated with metal and glass fabrication can be avoided. Structural concerns, assembly and fabrication details, coordination and cost issues that might go unnoticed by those less familiar with these materials are resolved before they become problems, saving time and money. 3-D CAD modeling is also used as a tool for visualizing tricky details or entire projects.
  • Production of Samples and Models
    When utilizing unusual techniques or materials, it can be hard to visualize the finished project from drawings alone. Jaroff Design can provide samples of materials and finishes or build scale mock-ups for discovery, testing, lighting design and final approval.

Keywords: Architectural Metal, Design Consulting, Glass Fabrication, Metal Or Glass

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