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By: Janet Ott  09-12-2011
Keywords: conflict resolution, workshops

Maximize results by bringing a proven, successful trainer into your workplace with the skills to develop your team into the best.

Janet provides in-house, customized workshops for your organization that are fun, fast-paced and “hands-on” learning. These workshops can be tailored for efficient two, four or six hour sessions.

  • Courageous Communications in the Workplace
    The art of giving and receiving feedback, Checking out assumptions and bringing up issues.
  • I’m Okay – You’re Not Okay. Let’s work it out!
    Conflict resolution skills based on win-win strategies.
  • Meetings to Live For
    Creating fun, useful and productive meetings at work.
  • Navigating Change in the Workplace
    How to prepare for and manage the transition process.
  • The Questions are the Answers
    The art of using powerful questions to focus the energy of employees.
  • Coaching Your Employees to Success
    Performance management skills with a coaching mindset and coaching tools. This is an ongoing series of 6 – 8, two hour workshops that help your managers become effective coaches.
  • Porcupines in Love: Performance Reviews that Don’t Hurt
    How to give useful, ongoing feedback and create dialogues that improve performance and the relationship.
  • Staying Alive While Making a Living
    Self-renewal and stress management strategies.
  • First Things First: Strategies for more Efficiency and Effectiveness
    How to manage yourself and your environment to increase focus and momentum.
  • Work Styles – Understanding Yourself and Others
    Understand the communication styles of you and your team and how to work effectively with different styles.

Janet, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful workshop on (communication skills and styles). I love overhearing the staff talk about the experience. I believe that all of them truly enjoyed the experience and learned valuable information about themselves and others. I am pleased because the physicians were also excited and want to make sure we meet as a whole at least two or three times a year now. This is a giant step forward for us.  I assume that you are going to send us an invoice which I actually look forward to paying. I hope that I can schedule another workshop with you sometime in the future.

Marji Lykke, Office Manager – Bellingham Ear, Nose and Throat

I find the quality of a trainer sends a powerful message to folks in an organization. Janet’s creative and lively sessions with our supervisors convey that Whatcom County values and supports them in cultivating skills for handling challenging areas of their jobs. Our participants always report they find Janet’s presentations well-organized and inspiring. We definitely plan to invite her back on a regular basis!

Karen Sterling Goens, Human Resources Manager – Whatcom County Administrative Services

Keywords: conflict resolution, workshops

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