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By: Janet Ott  09-12-2011
Keywords: conflict resolution, Workplace Conflict, Retreat Facilitation

Develop a thriving small business or non-profit organization while creating a more humane workplace with higher levels of employee engagement.

Organizational Assessment

Have you gotten feedback about low-morale or communication challenges in your workplace?

Janet can help you by:
Getting effective information from your employees about the real concerns and issues through individual, group interviews or electronic media.

Janet was introduced to us as someone who could help our new partnership work through a number of internal issues. Through structured interviews, Janet quickly grasped the problems in our business and proposed constructive, workable solutions. We are very happy with Janet and recommend her highly to any business.

Kevin Williamson, Managing Partner – Parker Remick Inc.

We regularly engage Janet to coach individual attorneys and managers (attorneys and others) and to help us clarify our personal and firm’s goals, improve our interpersonal communications and become happier and more productive as individuals and as an organization. She has efficiently and effectively addressed a wide array of situations, and after our experience I can’t imagine an organizational problem Janet is not capable of helping resolve.

J. Bruce Smith, Partner – Brett & Daugert PLLC, Attorneys at Law, Bellingham, WA

Mediating Workplace Conflict

Are employee disputes costing you money and productivity?
Is there growing tension between you and a colleague?
Do you have a team that can’t get past their differences?
Are your meetings characterized by disagreement or power struggles?

As an expert facilitator, Janet can help by:

  • Mediation of conflicts between staff or on teams.
  • Team coaching and training in feedback and conflict resolution skills.
  • Team coaching on consensus decision making.
  • Coaching managers on managerial mediation.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Are your staff meetings boring, a waste of time and/or too long?
Do you want a fun, useful staff retreat where issues get addressed?
Is your team stuck on a problem solving issue or old ongoing conflicts?
Do you have new people on your team and you want to create more cohesiveness and bonding?
Do you have a self-managed work team that needs group/team skill building?

Janet can help you by:

  • Facilitation of staff meetings and/or staff retreats.
  • Meeting strategy and design coaching: creating group norms and agreements that invite participation, shared responsibility and accountability.
  • Assessment of current team functioning.
  • Teambuilding sessions – build team spirit, collaboration and communication skills.

Having Janet plan and facilitate our staff retreat led to amazing changes in our Division.  Her ability to see the potential of everyone, to facilitate our communication and to teach us to work better together has enabled us to grow, understand and enjoy each other, and to laugh and have fun everyday.

Lydia Bennett, Real Estate Division – Port of Bellingham

Keywords: conflict resolution, Retreat Facilitation, Workplace Conflict,

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