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By: Jamie Rosanna  09-12-2011

T he Mythic Body addresses the ways in which we manifest our soul's DNA by way of the body. It explores and maps the way of the soul, using six portals of entry - Dialogue, Identity, Meaning, and The Child, The Hero, and The Sage.

H ere are a few excerpts from her book:

The Mythic Body is soul remembered. It is a proposed sacred ritual for reconnecting body to soul. It is soul embodied and body impregnated with soul.

In essence, Psychology is a spiritual encounter, a long practiced, mythical, religious, and sacred ritual that explores the deep inner depths of soul. It is a universally expressed willingness on the part of countless individuals to delve inside, partake of inner dialogue, and find true authentic self.

A relationship with soul is a blind date with mystery. This inner realm offers an alternative to the psychic stagnation so many of us are presently experiencing. Time and again the exploration of soul brings us face to face with the presence of intelligence, direction, purpose, and ultimately, movement toward healing and wholeness.

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