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By: Jamie Rosanna  09-12-2011
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Mountain Village
$2.50 ea.

$2.50 ea.

Flower Bouquet
$2.50 ea.

Blossom Branch
$2.50 ea.

Chinese Flowers
$2.50 ea.

Thai House
$2.50 ea.

Web Site Special Offer:
B uy the Series Package of all 9 Art Cards for $18(CAD)! You save $4. Click "Add to Cart" button below to order your Series Package with PayPal.

Series Package
9 Cards - $18


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* .

J amie Rosanna is presently offering two Christmas Cards. Below are low resolution sample images of each.

C hristmas Cards are $2.50(CAD) each and includes shipping.

* Attention out of Victoria, BC residents! Please order your cards no later than November 15. Victoria residents please order your cards by December 1.

Snow Village
$2.50 ea.


Christmas Card Special:
O rder 10 Christmas Cards for $20(CAD)! You save $5. Click "Add to Cart" button below to order your Christmas Card Package of 10 with PayPal.
*Please be sure to email us your choice and quantity of each Christmas Card you'd like included in your package.

Christmas Card Package
10 Cards - $20

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Keywords: art cards, Shopping Cart

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